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Blue Guilty Review

Album. Released 2003.  

BBC Review

Blue release their third and possibly final album...

Chris Long 2003

"Pop will eat itself". Never a truer word has been spoken and if Blue's latest offering is anything to go by they are about to complete what has been a hearty and eventful meal. Guilty is, in equal parts, vapid, bland, hopelessly derivative, unimaginative and, occasionally, downright offensive.

It's sad to think that in a world that has so many talented and inspiring musicians, including ones within the sphere of pop, it's Lee, Duncan, Simon and Antony that are held up as being the pick of the pops.

Quite where such an accolade has come from, other than from the pen of some satanic marketing executive, is staggeringly. There is not one moment of the ballad-heavy, drippy, sugar-sweet overdose of Guilty that deserves even a second listen.

This is the sound of a band more interested in increasing their tabloid column inch count with their various late night shenanigans and celebrity ligging, than in their music. There is no effort, no emotion, no desire in any of the tunes on offer. Whether it be the cod-Justin high pitched tedium of "Stand Up", the wimpy fake heartbreak of "Guilty", the limp pop-disco nonsense of "Rock The Night" or chugging awful drippy seriousness of "Walk Away".

Not even the presence of the legendary Stevie Wonder and the equally fantastic Angie Stone on "Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours" can get the party started. Their appearance only serves to show how untalented these four lads are.

Blue should change their name to Grey, so non-descript is this offering. There are rumours that they are on the verge of splitting. If Guilty is the best they have in them, let's hope such rumours are true.

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