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Attack! Attack! The Latest Fashion Review

Album. Released 2010.  

BBC Review

Enough confidence in their delivery to warrant some admirable comparisons.

Raziq Rauf 2010

Definitely not to be confused with American Christian metalcore band, Attack Attack! (only one exclamation mark in their name, see), this Welsh quartet are altogether less frantic and stylised, despite what their punctuated name might suggest. Their eponymous debut album of 2008 had enough pop punk quality and gained the band enough fans to get them noticed by Hassle Records, who promptly signed them up.

With ubiquitous south Wales producer Romesh Dodangoda twiddling the knobs on The Latest Fashion it’s unsurprising that Attack! Attack! have moved slightly away from breakneck punk-pop in favour of a more measured rock-with-choruses approach. There’s little chance of their second album breaking new musical ground and, as such, it’s not a stretch to compare them directly to the likes of Funeral for a Friend and Kids in Glass Houses, such is the crunch of Ryan Day’s guitars and the syrup in Neil Starr’s vocals.

With each of the members having spent several years learning their trade in underground bands, there’s certainly enough confidence in their delivery to warrant such comparisons. While standout track Blood on My Hands menacingly carries the spirit of Dave Grohl throughout, Best Mistake could actually be lifted from a KIGH record, such is cleanliness of the chorus. There are, of course, still some faster songs on the record. Everyone Knows and No Excuses are thunderous, smouldering affairs that rumble along before bursting into huge choruses. It’s the appearance of those huge choruses in every song that will pique the interest of the masses, but hearing several very similar ones might become tiresome for even the most devoted. Closing the album with epic slow-burner No Tomorrow represents a welcome change, if you make it that far.

It’s evident that they’ve learnt exactly what it takes to write a catchy song, but it’s possible that Attack! Attack! are just too far removed from the pop landscape. Despite their attempts to court the teenagers across the land, it’s questionable whether this music has enough quality, variety and ingenuity to truly compete with others who have emerged from the talent hotbed of south Wales, let alone the rest of the world.

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