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Ben Mills Picture Of You Review

Album. Released 2007.  

BBC Review

You just know that Ben’s here to stay...

Chris Jones 2007

Who could have guessed that the words ‘X-Factor’ and ‘quality’ would ever be linked in one sentence? But here’s the proof…yes, ladies and gentlemen, the relentless freak show-cum-faux ’talent’ show that we love to gawp at on a Saturday night seems to have actually found someone who may survive the cruel seas of tabloid popularity and become a voice to remember.

And that’s the clue to Ben Mills’ success – the voice. Like Will Young before him, Mills’ performances left you in no doubt that he was set to win. But unlike Young this is rawer, grittier and ten times more real. Like some hybrid of Rod Stewart (whose ‘’Maggie May’’ is tackled here), Leonard Cohen and Joe Cocker (likewise “A Little Help From My Friend” – Joe’s signature tune), Mill’s throat seems world-weary beyond his years.

The only quibble at this stage would be with his choice of material. The aforementioned tracks are too obvious and show that this album was probably assembled with some haste to cash in on the new-found status. But frankly, faced with such obvious raw talent, you just know that Ben’s here to stay, and hopefully put a little more thought into his next album. Watch this space…

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