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Various Artists DFA Presents Supersoul Recordings: Nobody Knows Anything Review

Compilation. Released 2008.  

BBC Review


Ian Wade 2008

Supersoul Recordings have been in existence for just a couple of years, but during that time have managed to catch the ear of the almighty DFA, whose sub-label Death From Abroad has collected together highlights from Supersoul's first two years in existence. This is no surprise to anyone who's a fan of LCD Soundsystem's more spatial moments on Sound Of Silver or the, ahem, 'sports accompaniment' 45' 33.

Founded by Xaver Naudascher in 2006, Supersoul's defining sound operates mainly within the roomy expanses of krautrock, Italo Disco, Electro, Chicago House and Detroit Techno, combining the most ecstatic elements of each to create a new euro disco, one more in the lineage of forefathers such as Cerrone and Moroder, than the likes of Sash or any other purveyors of radio-edit-cheese that have blighted the path since.

Nobody Knows Anything is a misnomer of a title, as it turns out the inhabitants of Supersoul certainly know their way around a tune. Of the 19 tracks on offer across the double CD set, the shortest clocks in around five minutes, with a good quarter of the album made up of tunes pushing the 11 minute mark. This is music to lose yourself in – spatial cosmic disco is not a three-minute exercise, this music has to breathe and envelope you.

Of the highlights, the four parts of Mogg & Naudascher's Moon Unit are a particular treat. Elegantly layering elements, pounding propusively through a selection of moods and breakdowns, with always welcome space noises to accentuate the giddiness. Intergalactic discotextures that never fail to send you happy wherever you are. Others, such as Max Brannslokker's Stropharia and Skatebård's Marimba manage to release serotonins that inform your body it's in for the night of its life, while the inter-dimensional acid of Plastique De Reve's Lost In The City allows you to get your ass down and realise it.

Xaver Naudascher has brought together some like-minded forces to give Supersoul a unique identity and with this collection has created one of the most thrilling, forward thinking and, well, danceable dance label showcases in years. Supermarvellous.

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