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Jassi Sidhu The New Adventures Of Jassi Sidhu Review

Album. Released 2008.  

BBC Review

It's one of the best Bhangra albums of 2008.

Dipps Bhamrah 2008

There are many tags for artists, some self-proclaimed, but few would disagree that Jassi Sidhu is the leader of the New Generation of British Bhangra.

The 3rd album from Jassi Sidhu is the pinnacle of UK Bhangra, and Jassi's musical growth in both production and vocals is evident throughout the album. Working alongside some of the best producers and vocalists today has give Jassi a totally different and refreshing dynamic.

Kicking off the album is a dream duet for all Bhangra fans. Old and new skool join forces in the form of Jassi and the man with the golden voice, Malkit Singh (MBE). Ke Khene is a straight-up dance floor anthem with solid grooves and a catchy hook. Malkit Singh delivers his traditional Desi flows and a vocal lick while Jassi adds his hybrid Brit-Asia vocal flicks. It demonstrates their unique vocal styles and how perfectly they harmonise.

Next up, Sohni Lugadhi is a romantic number, guest-produced by Rishi Rich. It's got trademark Rishi grooves, but retains Jassi's style and it'll leave you humming the tune.

The pure Bhangra Desi heads pining for raw Bhangra tunes have to wait 'til the final track, Koka. Jassi, alongside producer Aman Hayer, brings nothing less than hardcore Desi beats, melody and lyrics: Just what Jassi’s fans have always wanted.

In the end this third album truly is a musical adventure worth taking. It's one of the best Bhangra albums of 2008.

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