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Buen Chico Right to Rearrange Review

Album. Released 2007.  

BBC Review

Give them a couple of albums and they could be amazing.

Ian Wade 2007

Despite having a name that would immediately suggest them being placed in the ‘world music’ section or something to do with an X Factor gonk, Buen Chico are anything but. Hailing from Leeds, the three-piece - Morgan, Kirsty and Alan - deliver the sort of indie that has seen them gain support slots with the likes of Kaiser Chiefs, The Long Blondes and The Cribs.

It’s said that they have the solution to world peace, which is perhaps pushing it somewhat unless one of them is maybe Bono in a mask, with Right To Re-Arrange, they’ve crafted a nifty debut full of uptight, vaguely political tie-wearing new wave that shines its way out of the morass of unpleasantness that indie currently finds itself in with the likes of Pigeon Detectives, and while not exactly breaking new ground works as an overall listen.

Stand out tracks include the singles "Giving Your Gifts", "Gold From Lead" and the rather marvellous "Choosing My Religion"; chiming as they do with elements of The Undertones channelling Pavement – always a good move. The tunes start to sink in with "Drip Drip Tick Tock" and the escalations of "Lurch. They have a future lighters-aloft anthem in "Don’t Lose Your Faith In Goodwill" and "Here Comes Your Boy Again" is a sort-of skins-era take on the Pixies’ "Here Comes Your Man".

Buen Chico (it means ‘good bloke’ but it's originally from Orwell’s Homage To Catalonia – get them, the Manic Babies) may have a misleading name, but have youth and tunes on their side. Give them a couple of albums and they could be amazing.

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