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Soulwax Most Of The Remixes Review

Compilation. Released 2007.  

BBC Review

It's completely amazing and possibly the best compilation ever.

Ian Wade 2007

Once upon a time there were two brothers from Belgium, David and Stephen Dewaele, who formed a band called Soulwax and knocked out a couple of post-Britpoppy albums in the late nineties. They slipped in nicely with the then emergence of rather good bands – such as The Cardigans, The Wannadies and Deus - from the rest of Europe, and enjoyed moderate chart action with singles such as "Conversation Intercom" and "Much Against Everyone’s Advice".

Then, in 2002, a compilation of their superb DJ sets, entitled As Heard On Radio Soulwax, under the guise of 2 Many DJs showed another side to the Dewaele’s, and went on to be the party essential of that year, with its class mix of bootlegs, mash-ups, and a particularly memorable Dolly Parton/ Destiny’s Child moment that never fails to elicit the most ecstatic of grins. Bouyed by the success of their double life, by the time they got back to the day job with Soulwax, and their third album, 2004’s throbbing drug-themed Any Minute Now, their identities had seemed to merge, and a new direction was born.

This collection - and yes, you read it right, the title is actually 101 words long! - brings together the re-tooled tunes they’ve applied their magic to over the last few years. Here you'll witness how they’ve dragged Muse’s "Muscle Museum" and Robbie Williams’ "Lovelight" onto the dancefloor, added further bounce to the likes of Gorillaz’ "Dare", stuck the B-52’s onto DJ Shadow's "Six Days", made Gossip’s career with their Skins-advertising version of "Standing In The Way Of Control", kicked Klaxons' "Gravity’s Rainbow" into an actual rave-up and in LCD Soundsystem’s "Daft Punk Is Playing At My House", thrown in chunks of the French robots' own tunes to create even more of a masterpiece.

The second disc is a 2 Many DJs (aaargh! Enough of your disco aliases!) mix of disc one with extra belters from Ladytron, Hot Chip and Felix Da Housecat, which anyone who’s even contemplating a party in the next few months cannot afford to be without. In fact, phone ahead to check your host has it, and refuse to attend if they don't. Basically, it's completely amazing and possibly the best compilation ever.

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