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Remi Nicole My Conscience & I Review

Album. Released 2007.  

BBC Review

The frank tone of My Conscience & I will cause the album to fly off shelves.

Gemma Padley 2007

At last – someone with enough talent and balls to take on the boys. For too long the pop/rock side of the industry has been dominated by testosterone-fuelled music. While Ms Winehouse continues to navigate a rocky path Remi Nicole is sneaking up from behind. The Lily Allens and Kate Nashes, who are adept at the whole social scrutinising debacle still have their place, but Nicole is streets ahead in the credibility stakes and shouldn’t be lumped with the masses.

The London born musician's debut album My Conscience & I does however follow the life-commentary approach; "New Old Days" with its cheerful reggae verse and trip down memory lane leaning wouldn't be out of place on Allen’s Alright, Still. But, Nicole's offering is far rockier; up-tempo tracks sit beside reflective, self-exploratory songs on what is a no fuss, honest record. The single "Rock 'n' Roll" with its unabashedly indie-pop slant tumbles along playfully, while the understated funkiness of closing track "Inside Of Me" displays Nicole's frayed vocal perfectly. And, although "Go With The Flow" is straight out of the Arctic Monkeys' songbook, it is catchy and danceable nonetheless.

At 24-years-old Nicole has that little bit more life experience behind her making the lyrics less contrived and predictable. But that doesn't mean she gets it right every time; ballad "Lights Out" is a less inspired addition while the lyrics on "Tabloid Queen" (‘If you tried individuality, you may get by more happily’) are a little on the cringe-worthy side. The strongest track "Go Mr Sunshine" is ironically where Nicole sounds most like the Arctic Monkeys' Alex Turner. With classic northern soul clout it is a fantastic song guaranteed to have crowds jumping up and down at live performances.

Remi Nicole deserves to be a success in her own right without constant references to her contemporaries. The carefree, frank tone of My Conscience & I will cause the album to fly off shelves and should enable Nicole to carve a solid place for herself in the current indie-rock scene.

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