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The Eurythmics The Ultimate Collection Review

Compilation. Released 2005.  

BBC Review

Nostalgia aside, age hasn't withered Lennox's heartfelt holler...

Zoe Street 2005

Off we frolic into the frothy 80s as Eurythmics hurl their luscious tunes of yore at us again. But shame on you if you plan to make do with their Greatest Hits. This bad boy boasts two new tracks, including the single ''I've Got A Life'', a typically emotive synth-pop offering from the electro-twosome. The classics are still fresh: each one - from ''There Must Be An Angel'' to ''You Have Placed A Chill In My Heart'' - glowing with romantic insight, not to mention an opportunity for poptastic living-room prancing.

Nostalgia aside, age hasn't withered Lennox's heartfelt holler as the new tracks prove: and ''Was It Just Another Love Affair?'' could rival chillout-maestros Zero 7 for warmth and shimmer. Special.

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