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Wire Object 47 Review

Album. Released 2008.  

BBC Review

...driven along by sparse, toe tapping, head shaking, bouncy, slinky grooves.

Nick Reynolds 2008

Wire are funky. In their last incarnation the legendary art punks treated the listener to the bracing menopausal thrashes of Send. Object 47 strips back the screaming noise and is driven along by sparse, toe tapping, head shaking, bouncy, slinky grooves.

Wire are funny. In fact they're hilarious. With the distortion turned down, you can hear the words, and sing the tunes. With their tongues firmly in their cheeks Colin Newman and co. dismantle the technical, managerial vocabulary of what passes for communication these days. Then they put it back together in witty and sinister ways. So this is pop music. One Of Us and Mekon Headman shake their stuff and have great choruses.

Two tracks stand out. Patient Flees features twangy guitars and lazy, deep dub bass. Newman deadpans a bizarre tale of some horrifying operation. It sounds like a brilliant parody of U2 at their most pompous. It sounds like William Burroughs. It's great.

Are You Ready? features a lopsided, jolly rhythm over which are delivered a series of clichés twisted into truths. It's a PowerPoint from the management away day from hell. ''Are you true to your friends and loyal to your brand? / Do you still hold ambitions of being a man?''.

The head-banging Dalek stomp of All Fours ends the album on a rousing note. They may be middle-aged but I wouldn’t call Wire 'classic rock'. Is there a sub-genre called 'intelligent, adventurous, 21st century rock n roll'? That's what I call Wire.

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