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S Club 8 Sundown Review

Album. Released 2003.  

BBC Review

S Club Juniors were promoted to S Club 8 after the demise of S Club...But is their new...

Jack Smith 2003

In a way it's a shame that the final graduation of the S Club Seniors gave this lot the chance to change their name, 'cos S Club juniors is a perfect description of the songs and style of this album.

Disco heartbreak tunes like "Fool No More", "Turn The Lights On" and "Searching For Perfection" come across like brattier, livelier younger relatives of the elder S Club back catalogue of hits. Like someone singing a different song over the top of "Don't Stop Moving" while jumping up and down on the bed.

There's even a mini "Reach" in the shape of "One Thing I Know". Not that this is in any way a bad thing. In fact the album only really flags when the '8 attempt to do more grown-up songs, like the Gabrielle-esque "Sail On Through", and the super-cheese version of the Kylie-covered oldie "Tears On My Pillow" is SHOCKING.

If Simon Fuller could just let the kids be kids, we'd be perfectly happy eating jelly and bouncing around until we're sick at one of those S Club parties we've heard so much about.

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