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Daude Neguinha Te Amo Review

Album. Released 2003.  

BBC Review

'At her best this Bahian singer - raised in Rio - takes you to impossible beaches lit...

Chris Moss 2003

There's been a bit of a buzz around Brazilian music of late.Well-travelled DJs and a new generation of musicians raised on MPB (Musica Popular Brasileira), bossa nova, samba and rootsy rhythms have exposed themselves to new technologies and a post-techno vision of the world in which 'The Girl from Ipanema' seems like a nostalgic anti-diluvian musical postcard.

Negunha Te Amo, the third disc from Daude (full name: Maria Waldelurdes Costa de Santana Dutilleux)reveals a mature, unique female voice within this emerging scene.She manages to fuse the quintessential Brazilian languorous sensuality and innate vivacity with a muteddance beat of blips, beats, samples and 'deconstructing' rap-narratives that rise from of the Brazilian urb. It's a dialogue in which Brazil wins out.

At her best thisBahian singer - raised in Rio -takes you to impossible beaches lit by fizzing neon,to retro 70s bars shimmering with beautiful people and onto Varig flights attended by demure Angolan stewardesses.

This all makes for a thrilling experience of the swinging, sensuous nexus of Brazilian felicidade-saudade (happiness mixed with longing). Track six, "Canto de Ossanha", is a masterpiece and should, if God still smiles on the most beautiful land in the novo mundo,be a global megahit. Coming up close in the rear are the jazzy, jizzy, freeflowing "Alá-Lá-Ô", the whisper-in-your-ear Africanised seductiveness of "Uma Neguinha" and "Sans Sire Adieu", and all the rest of the tracksarealmost as gorgeous.

With Real World'speerless production values matching Daude's raw talent and scintillating voice, Brazil is back, inimitable, beyond fakes and fads, and very, very stylish.

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