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Various Artists Nasha V3 Review

Compilation. Released 2009.  

BBC Review

Cutting edge dubstep - Asian style.

Jerome Blakeney 2009

For those not so familiar with the heavier end of the Asian Underground market prepare yourselves to be blown away by Nasha. What or who is Nasha? It's a collective and label, but it's mainly two rather fine gentlemen who go by the monikers Ges-e and Shohid (Osmani Soundz). Part of the Brick Lane D'n'B massive, their nights at Herbal as the Nasha Experience brought aboard names such as Sukh Knight, one of London's prime dubstep exponents. Since then they've been building a name as the best place to hear cutting edge Asian beats.

V3, filled with bass a thick as treacle and expertly obscure Bollywood samples is as London as it comes. It showcases all the above names in varying combinations as well as up and coming names such as Gunmaster G9, Nuphlo and Shandy. The key figure here, however, is Sukh Knight. His Cop Killer (not to be confused with the Body Count classic) is already a bona fide classic of the genre with its references to the 1982 movie, Shakti, and its Hum Ne Sanam Ko Khat Likha sample.

Knight doesn't have the entire run of the album though. Shandy makes a big impression with City Heat's spooky broken beats and muted trumpet blast. Wrong Number by Gunmaster G9 + Pyarelal is an itchy treat filled with rapid fire tabla and miniscule Bollywood snippets. And for those with a hankering for a more even blend of d'n'b and traditional Asian flavas it's Nuphlo who provides the treats on Disciple and Treasure Beyond Measure.

Such a subtle blend Asian vibes with experimental beats does occasionally risk being subsumed by a larger, more faceless club culture, making you long for more of those unique, esoteric references. But with such boundless creativity on display this is an outside chance at best. Nasha V3 is an absolute triumph. Here's to V4...

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