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Tacks, The Boy Disaster Oh, Beatrice Review

Album. Released 2007.  

BBC Review

Perfect for a quiet night in at the library.

David McGuire 2007

In a recent interview lead singer and band creator Evan Jacobs mentioned that the band’s name comes from a character they found tucked away in a book hidden within an antique shop. Odd perhaps, but apt, definitely. One listen to The Boy Disaster and a land of fairy tales and make believe is not that hard to imagine.

Hailing form the Texan heartland, Tack are a four-piece carving their own indie-tastic landscape adding to the riches already emerging from that part of the world. As the founder of pop-darlings Midlake and a cog in the wheel of the Polyphonic Spree, lead singer Jacobs is becoming something of a musical talisman.

However, the album isn’t an immediate hit and it takes time for an impression to develop. "Paris" meanders and develops with a mixture of high-pitched piano and fluctuating bass but doesn’t do much else. Similarly "Frozen Feet" doesn’t seem to fluctuate from this one level but there is light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. Tacks are not out to impress ‘suits with money’ but regular folk propped up against a bar appreciating personal, brutally honest compositions.

"Matilda" is void of complication and it's elegance lies in a solitary guitar accompanied by almost whispered lyrics and subtle piano. In "Man With A Plan" Jacobs croons, 'I seem fine to the naked eye but there’s still a lot on my mind', which suggests the inspiration behind the record adds further emotional depth to proceedings. Overall, then, Oh Beatrice is well thought out and introspective: perfect for a quiet night in at the library.

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