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Shy FX and T Power Set It Off Review

Album. Released 25 November 2002.  

BBC Review

Two of drum and bass's long standing and leading producers have teamed up to school...

Will Sansom 2002

Shy FX and T Power have achieved far reaching success in the drum and bass field. They've reworked R&B and latin riffs, to the same extent that Adam F reinvented the treatment of a junglist hip-hop beat. These two London based pioneers have studied the old school with distinction. Now graduated, Shy FX and T Power are schooling the Top 40 chart with works from Set it Off to mass popular acclaim.

Tracks like "Don't Give a Damn" - stay true to OG drum and bass production values and are in keeping with the breakthrough rolling Metalheadz sound of yesteryear. The additional vocals provided by Fallacy and Di have transformed these looped beats into a bonofide Top 40 smash.

Set it Off is not short of guesting artists. Coree Richards appears on "Love The Way" addin' a Keith Sweat mackin style to the proceedings. Charmaine's sweet soul harmonies give "Run Along" the essence of Full Cycle's early Music Box numbers and include the same sharp cut beats that can't fail to work the dance floor.

On the other hand, not everything that Shy FX and T-Power set off here is likely to blow up large on the popular music scene. "Nature" sees Jamaica's Elephant Man working ruff junglist moves to bring a whole new meaning to the term when Nature calls. Exotic birds are all over this one, by the sounds of things. Luckily in the case of "Don't Wanna Know" a lush vocal from the magnificent Di saves the track from becoming a mental happy hardcore salsa frenzy and transforms it into a definite crowd pleaser.

The album is an audio cocktail with a Mexican tequila twist. It's a diverse mixture of lyrical flavas suitable to wet anyone's palette. These two recognised engineers are set to educate the masses with a host of British vocal talent. You can't deny that their popularity and success has guaranteed their place in today's musical curriculum.

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