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Wire Read & Burn 01 Review

EP. Released 17 June 2002.  

BBC Review

'Is this the Sex Pistols?' said my brother in law. I had to shut the door so he...

Nick Reynolds 2002

Wire. Art school punks. 1977. Played the Roxy. Brian Eno meets the Ramones. Too clever for the Clash. Pink Flag. Distorted guitars. Great drummer. Intelligent. Good tunes. Two singers. Lyrics: precise, descriptive, witty. Very "English".

Added keyboards. More European. Good tunes. Distorted guitars. Harold Pinter.154. "Map Reference": almost a hit in a parallel universe.

Dropped by EMI. Amazing really they were ever on EMI.

Got even more arty. Virtues became faults. Bogged down in pretentious electronics and arty events. Forgot about the tunes. Stopped listening to them.

Seminal: Only musicians ever liked them. Ripped off by Elastica.

2002. New CD. Songs: six. Fast. Short. Guitars: distorted. Vocals: distorted. Production: distorted. Great drummer returns. Irony. Wit. Political: "Germ Ship: sponsored by Ford". 16 minutes long. Short songs, could be shorter. One like Killing Joke but faster and funnier. Sounds like a rock band but from 2002, not 1968. Return to form.

"Is this the Sex Pistols?" said my brother in law. I had to shut the door so he wouldn't be bothered by it. A good sign.

Noisier than the vacuum cleaner.

Good VFM. Good to burn.

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