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The Virgins The Virgins Review

Album. Released 2009.  

BBC Review

What they do best is obvious pop-rock melody with occasional concessions to punk-funk.

Lou Thomas 2009

Hot young New York band The Virgins are best known in the UK for their single One Week of Danger. This was a fairly innocuous slice of mainstream garage rock 'n' roll that graced the soundtrack of regrettable US teen TV series Gossip Girl. Reassuringly, there are much better songs on this debut album, even if most of them lack any sort of edge.

What the trio do best is obvious Del Amitri/Maroon 5 pop-rock melody with occasional concessions to punk-funk. She's Expensive is a smart example of the two styles meshing with frontman Donald Cumming's vocal aping Elvis Costello.

Rich Girls is another highlight, a combination of Miss You-era Rolling Stones swagger crossed with Stranglers vocals.

Unfortunately, there's little lyrically to fire the imagination. Private Affair seems have been written by an automated song cliché machine: ''Neon Lights and cracks in the pavement/ in the summer time I'm gonna lose my mind''.

Love Is Colder Than Death fails to capitalise on its great title by again resorting to the utterly banal. When Cumming croons, ''It's easy when it hurts/so say goodbye/we'll fall in love again... don't let the teardrops fall from your eye'', it's hard to care.

Murder suffers from a hackneyed musical device rather than words that bore. More than three decades after The Clash used them on White Riot it really is time police sirens were booted out of rock.

As a training bra for gritty, energetic New York sounds from The Rapture to Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Virgins' music serves a purpose but it's hard to imagine the trio appealing to many fans already into tougher acts.

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