Katia Guerreiro Fado Review

Album. Released 2009.  

BBC Review

A stellar album, both musically and lyrically.

Johnny Lais 2009

Fado is a stellar album both musically and lyrically. Guerreiro’s epic voice adds emotionality and old world sound to what is largely an album of traditional Fado ballads. Musically, this is an intriguing album, featuring some of the finest musicians from the genre. The songs are delivered with such impassioned intensity of feeling that this work will be a leader in the recent Fado revival currently being enjoyed in mainland Europe.

As a Fadista, Guerreiro is undoubtedly a leader in her field. Her voice is instantly recognisable with its deep, earthen tones and the simplistic ease she delivers the songs; at points soft and seductive, at others impassioned. Her skill as a vocalist is clearly evident, whether singing in French or Portuguese, Guerreiro maintains the ability to convey the meaning and emotion of the lyrics and the music to a non-native audience.

Fado is an enticing album and should appeal to those not familiar with the genre, comparable to the arabesque styles of southern Spanish flamenco. Guerreiro’s voice is as masterful as the accompanying musicians that play on this album. The tracks Mundo and Fado Dos Olhos make clear the extent of her expertise and vocal range.

Guerreiro’s most intriguing feature is her delivery. Each syllable of the lyrics sounds as though it was carefully scrutinised and chosen. The overall effect is one of a beautiful female voice singing with a passion and force that would usually be associated with male vocalists of the genre. As an artist, Katia Guerreiro is an exciting talent who no doubt will continue to deliver.

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