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Rhianna GetOn Review

Album. Released 16 September 2002.  

BBC Review

Sparkling debut from nineteen year old singer songwriter Rhianna. Well polished and...

Joy Dunbar 2002

Get On is the sparkling debut album from singer songwriter Rhianna Kenny, a 19 year old Leeds lass who has recently enjoyed forays in the singles charts with her top 20 debut single "Oh Baby" and the latest offering "Word Love".

Prior to going solo, Rhianna cut her teeth working as a backing singer for her elder brother's band, LSK (Leigh Stephen Kenny). Having graduated quickly to front of stage, demos were sent out and dutifully the A&R men wined and dined the rising star. There also seems to have been some role reversals going on as Leigh is now behind the scenes and appears on several of the writing credits here. With the creative family partnership still well and truly intact, Sony have taken it upon themselves to propel Ms Kenny into pop's twinkling limelight.

At 10 tracks long, this record is not over indulgent and is a consistent and easy listen. A polite and generous move, particularly as so many majors seem intent on releasing records that go on for what seem like days. The stand out tracks here are the deeper, more funky cuts "Moon Is Blue" and "Damm". Like most of the disco, hip swinging, love songs that populate the album these are especially polished and crisply produced.

"Word Love" is a catchy re-write of one of the tracks written by brother Lenny. The combination of fat piano chords, rude bass line and Ms Kenny's falsetto vocals conjures up images of a jam session bewteen Kate Bush and George Clinton. Cool pop indeed. In addition, there is a bright and breezy version of Stevie Wonder's classic "I Love Every Little Thing About You" which Rhianna successfully makes her own. Unfortunately, "Girlfriend" made the final cut; an awkward, formulaic, whiney bubble gum pop tune that feels out of kilter with the rest of the record.

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