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Raw-T Realise and Witness Review

Album. Released 2004.  

BBC Review

Wilson may have finally found the group to send him back to the centre of music...

Chris Long 2005

You can't keep a good man down, especially when that man is the music obsessed Anthony H. Wilson, founder of Factory Records and Mancunian music luminary for the best part of three decades. Having already tried twice unsuccessfully to resurrect his beloved label, Wilson may have finally found the group to send him back to the centre of music -and discovered a Northern answer to all the London-centric rap in one go.

Raw-T have been kicking round the streets of Moss Side and Old Trafford for a couple of years, and this opening salvo from the band should see them rivalling The Streets and Dizzee Rascal. These seventeen tracks show why Wilson is capable of still pitching a winner.

The secret is in their passion. Over the choice beats of DJ Flair and DJ Que, the combined force of MC Mack D, Dreade, Solja and Little G journey through the grit and fire of the North city life - getting ladies, dealing with so many broken homes, "pulling whiteys" and "living life on a tightrope".

From the running roll tablas of "Turn It Up", the jarring ambitions of "Dreams" and the urgency of Switch to the nodding, knowing excellence of "Starlight" and the Rascal-esque humour of "Money Makes The World Go Round", there are moments of strength and power streaming throughout this album.

Anthony H could well have done it again with Raw-T, and in order for his new label, F4, to suceed he needs them to be on constanct busting form. Realise And Witness suggests they have the skill and the talent to do what is needed. Time, and management, will tell.

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