David Sneddon Seven Years - Ten Weeks Review

Album. Released 2003.  

BBC Review

It's quite a tall order - winning Fame Academy (with 3.5 million votes) and then...

Ruth Mitchell 2003

It's quite a tall order- winning Fame Academy (with 3.5 million votes) and then releasing your debut album only a few months later. Not much time for the young Scottish performer to take it all in. Yet it was clear that David Sneddon would be just fine. Brimming with confidence and having a stack of songs already written, he was ready to go!

Opener "Best Of Order" stomps straight in there in it's size nines. No soft option here. This is a furious little pop-rock number that, despite paying uncanny homage to Robbie Williams, is contagious and well crafted. A good start!

After that we're given a string of pretty lukewarm ballads, none of which quite match the conviction of Number One hit "Stop Living The Lie".

During "Time To Fall Down" you get a good grasp of Sneddon's varied vocal ability and there are some pleasant strings somewhere amidst all the heavy production but not much else.

Things pick up again when "Follow Me", another of the more upbeat tracks, roars in. It's a rather fine blend of catchy chorus, guitar licks and virile vocals. Sweeping epic, "Don't Let Go", follows on its heels and is a return to more serious stuff. Far less pomp and much more pain - no surprise it was a single.

Last up is the splendid "Long Time Coming" and finally David's true soul and voice get an opportunity to shine through. This is the only song that isn't cluttered with over-instrumentation and uses rich harmonies to full effect. It's a delicious slice of plain, old-fashioned pop. Why couldn't more of Seven Years - Ten Weeks have been like this?

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