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Spank Rock YoYoYoYoYo Review

Album. Released 2006.  

BBC Review

Filthy, funky and addictive...

Adam Webb 2006

Since 2 Live Crew unleashed the immortal "Me So Horny", hip hop has taken to XXX-rated sex like Yogi Bear to picnic baskets, although few in recent years have immersed themselves so totally as the appropriately named Spank Rock. Those of a nervous disposition should stand back. YoYoYoYoYo makes Fiddy's "Candy Shop" sound like...well, a sweet shop. Filthy, funky and addictive: imagine traversing a lapdancing club with a head full of Mogodon.

From "Backyard Betty" to "Coke & Wet", frontman Naeem Juwan vents his one-track mind quite literally. And though a whole album of aural porn is quite wearing, the genuinely eccentric production makesYox5 one of 2006's essential releases.

The best bits? The retro electro of "Bump," the bully boy thump of "Rick Rubin" and the Frank Wilson sample that transforms "Sweet Talk" into a Go! Team outtake. Retarded and enlightening in the same spoonful. Go get.

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