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Gretchen Wilson One Of The Boys Review

Album. Released 2007.  

BBC Review

There’s no holding back Gretchen Wilson and this album does well to prove the point.

Tim Cunningham 2007

There’s no holding back Gretchen Wilson - the 'Redneck Woman' from Pocahontas, Illinois – and this, her latest album, does well to prove the point. Wilson has made a name for herself by being true to her roots and delivering a hellfire brand of country music that has struck a resounding chord with her fans around the world. Gretchen realised early on that she was in a different league to the 'Barbie doll types' being manufactured by the country music scene and chose to focus on who she was. This suits Wilson’s style down to the ground and the fantastic opening track “The Girl I Am” states her position with seasoned authority. Wilson is keen to show that she can rough it in any company and rocking numbers “You Don’t Have To Go Home” and “There’s A Place In The Whisky” confirm her party girl credentials.

Thankfully, she’s conscious that too much bravado can become a little nauseating and let’s her guard down to show that she’s more than just “One of the Boys” and likes to be treated like a lady too. This proves to be one of Wilson’s greatest assets as the more laidback, introspective tracks on the record provide some of the highlights with “Heaven Help Me” and “Come to Bed” leading aces. Wilson is also able to inject some humour into her music with an amusing dig at a lazy spouse in “If You Want A Mother” and the self-deprecating slice of life, “There Goes The Neighbourhood”.

Gretchen Wilson is hot property on the country music scene and with an album of this quality she’s sure to find new fans from the mainstream too who are keen to shake it off and kick some butts!

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