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Sanj Bollywood Punk Review

Album. Released 2008.  

BBC Review

Sanj himself describes the album as being 'funky'

Tajpal Rathore 2009

The multifarious DJ Sanj, aka J-Nas, is back with yet another live & kicking album, complete with his musical stamp of romping R&B and jiving hip-hop beats. Of course, Sanj is generally considered as the Bollywood DJ specialist, but this time he seems to have outdone himself by compiling an attractive list of his own original Bollywood-themed compositions recorded in his own unique style. The album has been in the making for two years and it's certainly a labour of love. But does it have the verve to be one of the memorable ones he's produced?

The timeless original of Hum Tume is weaved in this reworking of the same name that kick-starts the album; its contemporary rhythm and vocals by Shayn and Deep work seamlessly with the original, but perhaps too much is going on in this one for it to meld. It's the same for both the Hey Baby Girl tracks too. Celebrated Indian singer Sonu Nigam features here with Cobra Khan, and the Arabian-pop style of the song is indeed a popular one with Sanj (Hai Zulam too has this). A more relaxed tone is taken in Ankhon Mein, the first track to have a real DJ Sanj mark and one of the better songs on offer. Vinod Rathord puts in some sincere vocals and works the mix well, which is followed up by a Juggy-D-esque song, Dil Rooba. Though the track isn't anything extraordinary, it certainly is addictive; a fact that's largely true for most of the album.

Night To Remember is for the retro-loving crowd, a fusion song that infuses the Bollywood style heavily within its lilting tune, even though Shayn strains a tad as he reaches the upper notes. Jeena, too, manages to tap into the Bollywood melody well, sung sultrily by Sowmya Raoh. And as if this wasn't enough, the popular Taz features in Kamray Mein Aaja – one of the better remixes on the album that has a pulsating chorus to keep it going.

Sanj himself describes the album as being 'funky', and indeed it is that and much more. It has its highs and lows, but for anyone who has missed Sanj's musical prowess recently, they should be satisfied, for a while at least, with this offering.

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