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Charlotte Hatherley The Deep Blue Review

Album. Released 2007.  

BBC Review

Maybe Ms Hatherley was actually better off with Ash than without.

Sarah Nyman 2007

While The Deep Blue is Charlotte Hatherley’s attempt at breaking away from previous project Ash (yes, this is her second solo album, but the first was released while she was still with the band), the only tracks that don’t grate away at the eardrums are those that vaguely resemble her former musical mates.

'’I Want You To Know’' is one of two standout tracks on this album. Upbeat, emotive, and miles ahead of anything else on this LP, this is where Hatherley sounds most comfortable. Lashing out at ex-boyfriends with that 'better off without you' attitude: ‘Oh baby are you sad and lonely, Well I'm just doing fine (I want you to know)’.

‘'Very Young’' also jumps out and dares to be noticed. Again, Hatherley rocking out works and this is something that should be taken from the album. Certainly this track’s a highlight and one to savour at live performances.

Other than that it's pretty hard to tell the other numbers apart from each other. Down on the OK list - if there had to be one - would be '’Behave’' which is non-offensive. '’Wounded Sky’' also has potential but overproduction removes any emotion and it sounds like she's holding back. It’s not a great sound.

Which leaves The Deep Blue as somewhat self-indulgent and boring and, unfortunately, there’s little original here - no boundaries being pushed, no risks taken - and the album suffers greatly for it. Maybe Ms Hatherley was actually better off with Ash than without.

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