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Destiny's Child Destiny Fulfilled Review

Album. Released 2004.  

BBC Review

It sounds like The Supremes having sex with a robot in a dark alley. It's fantastic.

Nick Reynolds 2004

In five years Destiny's Child have conquered R&B and pop like an army of Amazon warriors. They are now a global brand with MacDonald's sponsorship and perfume spin-offs. They've produced a string of classic hit singles, combining edgy ideas from rap with classic female vocal harmonies. This album contains yet another example: "Lose My Breath". But one great single does not a great album make.

"Lose My Breath" has exciting military drumming and nasty keyboard stabs. It name checks Public Enemy's "Bring the Noise". It sounds like Missy Elliot's "Pass the Dutch" pumped up with oestrogen. It sounds like The Supremes having sex with a robot in a dark alley. It's fantastic.

But after this, the rest of the album seems tame. "Soldier" with rappers T.I. and Lil Wayne is good fun, but the rest is a series of slow grooves. The best of them is "T shirt" which uses a backwards loop to conjure up a dreamy atmosphere of 3 a.m. pillow talk. The angry "Through with Love" adds a rough edge, and "Free" has a mid seventies funk vibe and a good hook, and is reminiscent of Denise Williams' classic hit of the same name.

On "Cater 2 You" they reinvent themselves as domestic goddesses for some lucky man. They sing lines like "I got your slippers, your dinner, your dessert and so much more..." It's not a good track, or very convincing. I thought they were supposed to be independent women?!

They sing immaculately, with Michelle Williams' vocals sounding particularly strong. But compared to "Lose My Breath", "Crazy in Love" or "Bootilicious", most of the album seems routine.

The title 'Destiny Fulfilled' hints that they have no more fields left to conquer. But when you're number one you have to try harder. This album is pleasant but not a triumph. But that 'Greatest Hits' album will be amazing...

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