Liberty X Being Somebody Review

Album. Released 2003.  

BBC Review

They have answered their critics and have shown once and for all that they truly...

Denise Boyd 2003

Two years on from thePopstars TV Programme and Liberty X, the band once dubbed 'flop stars', are still here, against the odds,with their second album - the aptly titled Being Somebody. Meanwhile, Hear'Say, the winners of the show,are just a distant memory.

The album opens with "Jumpin'", which has already enjoyed huge chart success and is guaranteed to satisfy even the most mainstream of pop hounds. Unfortunately, the elation rapidly disappears with the next track"Being Nobody". I am mortified at their attempt to remake the Chaka Khan classic "Ain't Nobody", its only saving grace being Richard X's techno production. Oi, leave the classics alone!

"The Poet", "Last Goodbye" and "Impossible" are touching ballads that show Liberty X at their best, showcasing a strong blend of all five voices. The other standout tracks are "I'll Be Remembering", which has an urban vibe, and the beautiful, self-penned "Forever". The latters African and acoustic feel gives us a glimpse of what this band is truly capable of.

Being Somebodyfeels something of a mish-mash. Liberty Xare still not clear on what direction they are heading and this uncertainty weakens the album. The quintets strength lies in their R&B influenced up-tempo tracks and soulful ballads. This is the area they should concentrate on.As the people say, 'If it ain't broke don't fix it'.

I suspect this current collection won't produce too many chart hits but their credibility as artists and songwriters (having written 10 of the 16 tracks here) has been clearly established.

With this, their second offering, Liberty X has broken the mould of the manufactured pop group. They have answered their critics and have shown once and for all that they truly deserve the title 'Pop Stars'.

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