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Jarvis Jarvis Review

Album. Released 2006.  

BBC Review

Sadly much of this album sounds plodding and bland, while his often bizarre lyrics can...

Shalinee Singh 2006

The former Pulp frontman has been relatively well behaved since that Brits incident in 1996. Apart from this Summer that is, when he released "Running The World" on his MySpace page – a caution-to-the-wind dig at the pointlessness of Live 8, which features a gamut of unprintable four letter words and appears here as a secret track.

That track was a sign of things to come - tender strings, emotive piano parts and a very angry Jarvis.

Rants here include obesity, commercialisation and the overarching terrible state of the world today. Despite living in France with his wife and child, the lanky one has been keeping a stern eye on his fellow Englishmen.

The upbeat opening of Jarvis' debut is very different from that venomous secret track at the finish. It begins with a beautiful instrumental, which flows into the catchy hook of album highlight "Don't Let Him Waste Your Time".

There's a sinister edge to "I Will Kill Again", which at first appears to be a serene piano ballad until you hear the lyric "And don't believe me if I claim to be your friend / Cos given half the chance I know that I will kill again."

Sadly much of this album sounds plodding and bland, while his often bizarre lyrics can leave you cold. Pulp's full on pop tunes which were so easy to fall in love with are sorely missed here.

'Jarvis' is good, but it's not great.

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