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Diskjokke Staying In Review

Album. Released 2008.  

BBC Review

Staying In just might be the new going out if it's as much fun as this.

Colin Buttimer 2008

Rolling piano notes like a player piano tidal wave rise and fall briefly before the beats kick in, disco beats: gated snares, tight bass drum, synthetic handclaps. A wistful, slightly eery melody haunts those drums while a fat synth line whirrs and grinds in the track's lower regions. Halfway through there's a breakdown, and then the beat picks up and surges onwards.

And that's just the first half of Fok I Farta, the opening song on Diskjokke's debut album. Diskjokke, aka Joakim Dyrdahl, is part of the new Norwegian disco axis that also numbers the likes of Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas and Bjørn Torske among its number.

You'll probably be relieved to learn there's no sign of fjords or snow on Staying In. A vocoder voice confidently declares ''pleasure" at the start of the title track. Everything here is bright and shiny and decked out in dayglo colours. Cold Out is groovy and squelchy and comes complete with funky cowbell workout. The endearingly named Flott Flyt launches itself on a deliciously groovy rubber bassline while there are handclaps a-plenty on the magisterial The Dinner That Never Happened. Each track, though initially apparently straightforward, is remarkably intricate on closer inspection.

Mesmeric and occasionally just a little remorseless over its 56 minutes, this is music for fans of Giorgio Moroder, Hot Chip and Junior Boys. Staying In just might be the new going out if it's as much fun as this.

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