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The Vines Melodia Review

Album. Released 2008.  

BBC Review

It does the job very effectively.

Susie Goldring 2008

In the opening scenes to Ben Stiller's great Tropic Thunder, fake trailers for Tugg Speedman's Scorcher VI movie let us know that the action hero is back again...again. With Melodia rock is back again or rather, like Tugg Speedman - it's back again... again. If you've heard The Vines, you'll probably know that they deal in a hybrid of 60s rock and 90s indie. Since their inception in McDonald's the band has moved away from backyard Nirvana covers to recording with Foo Fighters and Beck producer Rob Schnapf and, in 2003, going double platinum in their home country of Australia with their debut album, Highly Evolved.

While Braindead sounds like it could have come this 2 million-selling album the rest of Melodia is an explosion of form following in the footsteps of more melodic follow-up, Winning Days. Recorded again with Rob Schnapf in LA - this album veers through extremes of sound from happy- go-lucky pop to laconic, melodic vocals. He's A Rocker says it all, and A.S. III has a touch of the Oasis to it. As a whole, it swings from lilting lullaby (Kara Jayne) to dirge with Craig Nicholls coaxing some soothing melodies out of A Girl I Knew; which is the best thing about this crying-on-the-kitchen-floor hymn to abandonment. Fortunately there is an occurence of some Hives-like screaming and enough thrash to bring back the dead on the acurately titled Scream.

Ending well on the rip-roaring She Is Gone, Melodia should safely ensure that the band's fanbase will grow. It's in no way original, but it does the job very effectively.

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