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Starsailor Silence Is Easy Review

Album. Released 2003.  

BBC Review

Silence Is Easy is's much livelier and more upbeat than its predecessor.

Louise Keeble 2002

In early 2000 Starsailor were the most hyped band in the UK; they got top billing as the new Travis Coldplay. The soulful indie sounds of their debut Love Is Here, released the following year, won them critical acclaim and commercial success. The single "Alcoholic" reached no. 10 inthe singles chart. Cynics however complain that they are bland and depressing. Does their second release quieten these critics?

Silence Is Easy is captivating. From the opening track, "Music Was Saved", it's evident that this record is much livelier and more upbeat than its predecessor. The fresh approach must be partly attributed to a growing maturity.Now they're a successful band they seem happier. As front man James Walsh sings on current single and title track, "Silence is easy, it just becomes me." Simple lyrics maybe, but you sense that life wasn't always this straightforward for the band.

The group's new found confidence and experimental edge are evident throughout the album. "Fidelity", "Shark Food" and "Four To The Floor" all have more passion, more get up and go, than anything on Love Is Here. "Shark Food" uses the simple repetition of the synchronised guitar and chorus to draw the listener in. After a couple of plays I'm hooked. The lyrics remind us that they are still an emerging talent; "We are stepping through the door, we're shooting from the heart but if we get it wrong they'll feed us to the sharks."

The 'big sound' the band achieve on this record can be attributed to the polished production of legendary producers John Leckie (Stone Roses, Radiohead etc.) and Phil Spector (everyone from The Beatles to The Ramones). Spector produced the title track and "White Dove" before being inconveniently accused of murder.

Those wanting a second helping of "Love Is Here" will not be disappointed by "Some Of Us" and "Restless Heart" which remind me of The Verve's Urban Hymns. But Silence Is Easy has so much more to offer on many levels. If there is any expectation left to be met, it will be to wonder how Starsailor will manage to produce a third album to surpass this fantastic mix of tunes.

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