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Panjabi MC Indian Timing Review

Album. Released 2008.  

BBC Review

An album full of massive floor fillers

Jaskirt Dhaliwal 2009

A name that will always be synonymous with Mundian Tu Bach Ke, Panjabi MC makes a long awaited return to the Bhangra scene with a whopping 20 track album. All on one CD too: quite a feat...

It's his first album since Steel Bangle from 2005, and it's aptly titled Indian Timing, a nice pun on the fact most Bhangra albums arrive about ten years after schedule (only a slight exaggeration).

When a 20 track album rears its head, first thing that comes to mind is how many filler tracks there will be, but Panjabi MC pulls out all the stops and packs the album full of head-nodding winners.

The first three tracks on the album set the scene: it's Bhangra with killer beats plus a great use of samples tinged with rapping from Panjabi himself, amongst others. Panjabi Soldiers uses the A team anthem to great affect, whilst Indian Timing uses a sample from Jeona Mohr, sung beautifully by Gulshan Komal.

Can't Stop Us and So Can We are the most aggressive songs on the album, lyrically and musically pounding their feet like angry teenagers denied their games consoles. But the album also contains slightly slower tracks (Aaja Sohniya), R 'n' B flavours (Chips) and even experimenting with the Arabic influenced Im Nin Alu.

A special mention has to go to Holiday, which may bring the thought of Madonna's classic anthem to mind but which dismally disappoints because PMC tries to do a Bhangra version of sorts. With lyrics like, ''Take me on a jet set holiday, make me feel ok'' the track is a blot on an otherwise top class album.

Panjabi MC has managed to created an album full of massive floor fillers to equal his other anthem. And he crams in enough quality to make any Bhangra fans happy to have withstood the Indian timing.

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