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Dragonette Galore Review

Album. Released 2007.  

BBC Review

This is pop at its glossiest, its best and without doubt its groin-itchingly sexiest.

Talia Kraines 2007

While you may think that pop isn’t really doing that well in the UK at the moment, that doesn’t mean there’s any shortage of great pop acts out there. Sure for every Girls Aloud there’s a Clea, but heading up the underground pop world, adored by pop critics and bloggers worldwide are the snazzy Dragonette.

Their debut album Galore comes after disappointing chart placements for their first two releases. First single “I Get Around” opens the album as it means to go ahead – with a back-juddering synth groan and tales of fruity promiscuity. Singer and co-writer Martina Sobara (who you might recognise from Basement Jaxx’s “Take Me Back To Your House”) sounds like a cuter and girlier version of Gwen Stefani, but listen to her cold repetition of “Sex, Drugs & Rock N Roll” in “Jesus Doesn’t Love Me” and you’ll see she’s anything but. Charismatic and charming she may be, but “Competition” will show you not to trust her with anything. She’ll steal your boyfriend and get off on it.

Dripping with squelches ready for club remixes and radio perfect hooks, the closest Galore comes to a ballad is penultimate song “You Please Me”. `But there’s no filler here, with only “Get Lucky’s” retro show-tune style resting uneasily in the album. "Superficially, 'Black Limousine' is in a similar vein, but its subtler verse and blasting chorus transform the tale of making a woman love you by buying her expensive gifts into the standout track. Just. It’s a hard distinction to make when nearly every song is of potential single quality.

The sound of the 80s thrown through a hot pink time machine into 2010; this is pop at its glossiest, its best and without doubt its groin-itchingly sexiest.

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