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Booty Luv Boogie 2nite Review

Album. Released 2007.  

BBC Review

It’s bound to make lots of little girls very happy.

Serena Kutchinsky 2007

Formed from the wreckage of notorious hip hoppers, Big Brovaz, Booty Luv have all the makings of the perfect pop package. Two hot chicks, with silky smooth honeyed tones belting out R ’n' B vocals over disco grooves. Add to this the clubland credibility that comes with being signed to Hed Kandi and you have a recipe for chart success that would make even Simon Cowell cream his high-waisted trousers.

Last year saw them blast their way to the top with feelgood anthem, "Boogie 2Nite" – guaranteed to get drunken girlies everywhere gyrating on the dancefloor. This was followed by a bevvy of disco-fuelled covers all of which added further fire to the belief that the Booty gals, aka Cherise and Nadia can do wrong. With the Sugababes now little more than a pale imitation of Girls Aloud, Popland is crying out for some talented ‘gals with attitude’ and Booty Luv seem the perfect fit.

So, here we are with the first album release. They could have played it safe and stuck to poptastic covers. All their hits are present and correct, plus one new cover and, gasp, eight original tracks co-written by the ‘Luv. And they’re good – excellent even! The fusion of their soulful voices and Hed Kandi’s trademark disco beats is a killer combination. Think Destiny’s Child meets TLC with a distinctly UK vibe. Standouts from the album include forthcoming single "Some Kinda Rush" – which will hopefully blow Queen of Sap, Leona Lewis, off the top slot. "A Little Bit" also deserves props for its catchy hooks, skilful lyrics and sophisticated sound.

Clocking in at just under 50 minutes this is a light-hearted, invigorating whirl of an album whicn makes you want to throw on some killer heels, squeeze into your finest clubbing gear, grab an alchopop and hit the dancefloor with the wildest of abandon. It’s not quite the perfect pop record – the covers on it are undeniably stronger than the girls’ own tracks. But their bounce, energy and natural skills paper over the cracks and it’s bound to make lots of little girls very happy.

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