Plan B Who Needs Action When You Got Words Review

Album. Released 2006.  

BBC Review

...starts off illuminating, but ends up banal.

Adam Webb 2006

Plan B (aka Ben Drew) must be David 'Dave' Cameron's worst nightmare. The East London-born rapper utters the 'c'word within 10 seconds of his debut album, and laces his rap with references to anal rape, parental abuse, honour killing and biros in eyeballs...

With an acoustic guitar as his USP, and an attitude that pitches him somewhere between Mike Skinner and Eminem, those of a liberal persuasion will consider Drew a true reflection of the capital's meanest streets. A verbose white rapper whose penchant for violent language belies a well-honed conscience.

At times, this approach works. The single "Sick 2 Def" is a genuinely arresting set piece, an open sore of a track, spewing raw disgust. The other high point is "Where Ya From?", arguably the sharpest anti-Gangsta rant to come from these shores.

Unfortunately, these two-moments aside, Drew's bleakness (and voice) soon begin to grate - the shock value runs out all too soon, even before we reach the nadir of Prodigy-sampling "No Good!", the mawkish "Mama" and the imagination bypass that is "Charmaine".

Like spending an hour at Speakers Corner, Who Needs Action... starts off illuminating, but ends up banal. A bit of a one-trick pony. Time for Plan C.

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