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Peaches I Feel Cream Review

Album. Released 2009.  

BBC Review

The Canadian performance artist mellows out. A Bit

Ian Wade 2009

Canadian-born, Berlin-dwelling ex-school teacher Merrill Nisker, has spent the last decade or so being better known as in-your-face electro minx Peaches. Her rampant, sexually charged performances and albums have lit up the fringes of pop with albums such as Impeach My Bush and found her working with the likes of Iggy Pop, Chicks On Speed, Pink and Josh Homme. Live, she's like a performance art force of nature, albeit one wrapped in sequined gimp masks and a tendency to pretend her microphone's a penis.

For her fourth album, a sense of mellowing has occurred. I Feel Cream may not be quite the filth fest of yore, no one could expect to build a lifelong career out of singing about your bits forever, but it still has its moments of saucery and depravity. Having worked on this with super hot disco burners Simian Mobile Disco, Soulwax, Drums Of Death and Digitgalism, the rawk shapes of Impeach My Bush have been Joan Jettisoned in favour of a more delectable groove based situation.

Title track I Feel Cream is a hands-in-the-air laser elation, while Lose You sees Peaches get almost vulnerable over skittering disco, while Soulwax turn Talk To Me into one of Peaches finest moments – in a perfect world, this would be showing up Lady Gaga something rotten – to the point that you just know if Pink covered it, it would be a global chart topper.

The old potty mouth is still in evidence though on Billionaire she spars with Yo Majesty's Yunda K and emits the greatest line in pop in 2009: ''big trouble in little mangina'' and you don't really need me to explain Mommy Complex do you?

So, Peaches then. An amazing artist who may not be hassling the compilers of the Top Ten, but whose influence and fingerprints will be seen to be all over 21st Century Pop. If you've yet to discover her, buy everything she's done this instant. Amazing.

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