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Nemesis and Arrogance Present Da Real Sho' Review

Album. Released 2009.  

BBC Review

An underground hip hop album riddled with ego.

Elle J Small 2009

True to their name, Nemesis & Arrogance (producer/MC) release an underground hip hop album riddled with ego. No doubt fans who once tuned in to their hugely popular, now-diffused Itch FM pirate radio show will love ‘he Real Sho. The rest of the population will be perplexed by its lack of structure.

As soon as opener 5 R Live hits, it’s obvious this album lacks a decent A&R. Featuring the infamous Flirta D, alongside Lary B, Skata and, of course, Arrogance, the ultimate theme is boasting. This becomes dull just a few bars in.

Spit Something continues in this vein with rappers Big Ben, Supar Novar and Rapper Ragz competing with Arrogance for bars to brag over. This style would work well at an open mic night (think Eminem’s 8 Mile) but on an actual record simply sounds like boys shouting. Let the music breathe, please.

On End Of The Summer Arrogance’s poetry has to be saluted- his lyrics are deep, his storytelling slick. Once again though, his non-stop flows would work well live, but are lost in the studio.

Gunshots In Haringey, though hardly a work of art, finally displays proper song structure, with an actual chorus. Producer Nemesis even manages to grab a couple of inches of limelight.

It’s not until eighth track Listen To Your Heart hits that things really start looking up though. Produced by Zee Imports and featuring underground name Mr Ti2bs, the beats are polished, the raps are tight, the loop is contagious and the finished product is slick.

Another stand-out is Rise And Fall featuring Bashy and Lazy Habits. Nemesis excels with simplistic, futuristic production and once again, there is proper song structure and a decent hook.

Let G’ also gets your head nodding, leaving you asking why on earth Nemesis and Arrogance unleashed this trio of stellar tunes half way through the track listing.

The skills are definitely there. Nemesis and Arrogance just need to a lot of direction.

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