Mina Agossi Well You Needn't Review

Album. Released 2006.  

BBC Review

More from the dynamic vocalist who caused a bit of a storm at last year's London Jazz...

Lara Bellini 2006

No chords for French singer Mina Agossi; just drums, bass and percussion. The voice is left alone centre-stage, her guttural huskiness and Flora Purim-like gurgles given free reign.

Agossi squeezes jazz, blues, rock and even French traditional songwriting into pretty, but darkly tinged and passionate little songs (don't miss the sweet pearl that is "May I Sit At Your Table?", with Malian string instrument the kamale n'goni providing some melodic support).

However, her unsupported voice is rarely unleashed to its full potential. The frequent use of a punkish rhythm section, though one that well serves the album's overcast mood, can at times sound repetitive. One wonders on occasion in which direction she wants to re-work jazz.

Not a consistent album, but full marks for atmosphere and energy.

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