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Growing Color Wheel Review

Album. Released 2006.  

BBC Review

Fourth album from psychedelic metal duo and their first on Mogwai's Rock Action label.

Peter Marsh 2006

With their fourth album Growing (aka Kevin Doria and Joe Denardo)have refined their slow moving guitar based ambient psychedelia into something that menaces and seduces the listener in equal measure. No wonder Mogwai are fans.

Color Wheel kicks off with what sounds like Fripp and Eno playing inside a wind tunnel, which is a pretty good start in my book. But it doesn't stay that way. Throughout the album the duo repeatedly subvert their cosmic, almost prog-rock bliss outs with massive, sludge-metal chording (think Earth or Sunn 0)),or with random bursts of noise that build up into off-kilter loops.

Growing's music is as unpredictable and as all enveloping as the weather. Listening at high volume can be literally stunning, as a picture on the bands website bears out.

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