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Flying Lotus Reset EP Review

EP. Released 2007.  

BBC Review

There remains large elements of individuality to Reset EP, that will ensure this stays...

Sarah Nyman 2007

For those that don’t know, Flying Lotus has music in the family. The uniquely talented late Alice Coltrane is his great-aunt. But let’s not assume anything here. Family aside, is Reset EP any good?

Steven Ellison, aka Flying Lotus, has created a hazy, ambient EP here which is refreshing because it is beautifully precise in its production. Clearly time has been spent perfecting every single sound on the EP. It’s not easy to produce such sounds and it’s a skill that ‘FlyLo’ has mastered seemingly with ease. The organic flavour to what some may describe as a minimal sound, is simplistic yet intricate and certainly defines this record.

With a mass of filters and compressors, Flying Lotus is certainly running rings round his counterparts. This EP is a fine example that technology can be used to improve the quality of music in this day and age.

“Tea Leaf Dancers” has enjoyed air-play from Gilles Peterson and sets the standard for the rest of the EP. Lovely vocals add to the texture of this floaty dreamy track. “Massage Situation” is real catchy and slips into a stomper of a beat, while maintaining the chilled vibe. “Vegas Collie” and “Spicy Sammich” demonstrate the effects of live sounding drums, over some wicked filtered bass. “Bonus Beat” and “Dance Floor Stalker” are a touch more upbeat and are almost there for Lotus to continue showing off his production skills.

While comparisons may be made to Madlib, DJ Shadow and even J Dilla, these are no insults. And there remains large elements of individuality to Reset EP, that will ensure this stays at the top of your most-played list for some time to come.

Buy it, this is music in one of its most beautiful forms.

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