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Terri Walker Untitled Review

Album. Released 2003.  

BBC Review

It's not just hype; all I can do is heap further praise on the talented Ms Walker and...

Denise Boyd 2003

Def Soul UK's newest diva Terri Walker is being hailed as this year's biggest female newcomer and the brightest star on the labels roster. With such bold statements being made my desire to hear this lady in action grew. It's not just hype; all I can do is heap further praise on the talented Ms Walker and Untitled. Her debut is undoubtedly one of the best British R&B albums produced to date.

Terri is an old soul in a young body. Her voice has the depth of the old skool diva, (Patti Labelleand the Aretha Franklin) but with the freshness of nu-soul stars like Erykah Baduand Floetry.

Unlike many urban albums, Untitled is not jam packed with collaborations but the most notable coupling is "Guess You Didn't Love Me", featuring Mos Def. This isn't bubble gum rap. Terri is a serious gal and this is serious stuff; not many UK artists can boast a rapper of this calibre on a debut album.

It's hard to pick out outstanding tracks as there are no fillers on Untitled. "Drawing Board", (which is already hot on the UK R&B scene) oozes attitude and has a simple message - c'est la vie. "What will I Do" is a beautiful, touching love song with the very strong backing vocals of Sammy Jay who also produced on this track.

"Deutschland" is an original and catchy interlude sung entirely in German, Terri has not forgotten her roots, much of her earlier years were spent growing up in Germany. "Dirty Weekend" featuring the Wise Children is a gentle reminder that it is not all about love and roses. Ms Walker shows her strength here as an independent modern woman.

Untitled takes you on an uplifting journey through life, love, friendship and regret, a journey you will be sad to end but not sorry you started. Every track slots in smoothly one after another, the order of the songs a carefully thoughtout progression.

Terri has the talent to really make an impact on the urban scene, her vocals are paramount on every song and the music frames her voice perfectly. She has captured the heart of classic soul and blended it with a modern R&B flava. The result is original and uniquely her own. In Ms Walker we have an artist who can bravely take on the US diva and who may even come out unscathed on the other side.

Terri Walker and Untiltled can't be pigeon holed. This is not just urban, this is not just R&B, this is music for the soul.

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