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Ryoji Ikeda Dataplex Review

Album. Released 2005.  

BBC Review

The seventh album from the master of minimalist electronica.

Peter Marsh 2006

Ryoji Ikeda's biostates that his work exploits the'causality of sound with human perception'.It's a claim that makes sense when experiencing his music (especially in an installation or performance setting, where the bulk of his work has been for the past few years); Ikeda's minimalist, rigorous electronica seriously plays with the listener's head.

The first 19 tracksoriginate from tiny flecks of noise, clicks, and pulses of pure sine tones ranging from dogwhistle-high to bowel-shakingly low. They're arranged with surgical precision into short slices of minimalist art-techno; funky in a very cerebral, molecular sort of fashion, they're immersive (and by track 19) almost lush and strangely beautiful.

But be warned; a sticker on the sleeve says; "This CD contains specific waveform data that performs a data-read test for optical drives. The last track will cause some CD players to experience playback errors, with no damage to equipment". I think it left my CD player undamaged, but my psyche took a battering. Approach with caution...

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