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Jo Brand: Sun 25 March, 8pm, BBC ONE

Jo Brand

Stand-up comedian and broadcaster Jo Brand hasn't played the piano for years, but undaunted she takes up the challenge of learning the organ.
Jo Brand programme page

Frank Skinner: Sun 1 April, 8pm, BBC ONE

Frank Skinner

Comedian Frank Skinnner is determined to prove that there is a top-notch musician lurking inside him, and he sets himself the task of learning that notoriously difficult instrument, the banjo.
Frank Skinner programme page

Aled Jones: Sun 8 April, 8pm, BBC ONE

Aled Jones

Aled Jones is a household name as a classical soloist and former child star. But in a bid to shake off his musically conservative image he decides to become a rock drummer.
Aled Jones programme page

Robert Winston: Sun 15 April, 8pm, BBC ONE

Robert Winston

Top fertility expert and broadcaster Lord Robert Winston hasn't played a musical instrument for years. He's a great classical music enthusiast, but has decided it's time to let his hair down and learn to play the saxophone.
Robert Winston programme page

Diane Abbott: Sun 22 April, 8pm, BBC ONE

Diane Abbott

Member of Parliament Diane Abbott has been far too busy forging her political career to learn to play a musical instrument. But she's always dreamt of playing the piano.
Diane Abbott programme page

Bill Oddie: Mon 7 May, 7pm, BBC ONE

Bill Oddie

Wildlife enthusiast and former Goodie Bill Oddie sets out to see if he can fulfil his dream of being a rock guitarist.
Bill Oddie programme page


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