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Play It Again: Violin



A bit rusty? Don't be put off. Browse our helpful hints to help you get started.

Hints and Tips: Playing the Violin

Before you begin to play you’ll need to make sure your open strings are tuned to the notes G-D-A-E, the G below middle C being the bottom string, followed by the D above middle C, then the A above that, then the E a 5th above that.

To help the bow grip the strings rub some rosin along the hairs – remembering first that the bow needs to be tightened (but not too tight).

If you don’t have a shoulder rest, a duster folded into a pad provides a good substitute.

It’s best to begin your practice slowly and in short sessions – don’t overdo it – long bows and scales are good for getting the feel of the instrument.

Good posture is vital when playing the violin – back problems are notorious amongst string players so be sure you’re holding it correctly.

If you’re looking for lessons you’ll find many instrumental teachers advertise in local shops and libraries, while local authority Music Services are also a good place to start.

When buying a violin remember the bow is just as important as the instrument itself – and don’t forget you can also rent instruments.

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