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Play It Again: Tuba



A bit rusty? Don't be put off. Browse our helpful hints to help you get started.

Hints and Tips: Playing the Tuba

If you haven’t played for a while try starting your practice sessions with some buzzing, using just the mouthpiece – this way you can concentrate on your embouchure.

Think about your posture, especially your chest. You’ll need to produce quite a bit of air, but won’t be able to do this if you slouch.

Improved breath control and stamina will come with practice so don’t get dizzy from doing too much too soon.

Practice in short regular sessions and warm up with something simple, working up to the very high and low notes gradually.

The tuba is a big instrument, so like you it will also need time to warm up …

Listen to the tone you’re producing. Big relaxed breaths will produce the best tone, and also remember not to let your throat tighten.

If you’re worried about disturbing the neighbours use a mute.

Look after your tuba – some grease on the tuning slides, and a little valve oil on the valves will help keep it in good working order.

After use wash your mouthpiece with warm soapy water and a mouthpiece brush, and clean the tuba’s body with a soft cloth.

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