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Play It Again: Trumpet



A bit rusty? Don't be put off. Browse our helpful hints, and watch a video guide to get you started.

Hints and Tips: Playing the Trumpet

Before you begin to use your trumpet check the valves move up and down smoothly and don’t stick – some valve oil will help get them into good working order.

If you haven’t played for a while your embouchure will definitely need working on, so try some buzzing using just the mouthpiece, but don’t do too much at once.

Warm-up slowly with some long notes, tongued notes and things like scales, gradually increasing your range – always concentrate on getting a good tone.

Keep your practice sessions short and frequent at first, but make sure you give your muscles time to recover.

Think about your breathing – are you breathing from the right part of your lungs? Breath control is something else you’ll need to develop, and which will come with practice. Don’t make yourself dizzy by over-doing it.

Trumpets are very loud so spare a thought for your neighbours – if needs be use a mute to keep the noise down

After practicing use the water keys (spit valves) to get rid of the moisture that builds up from blowing

If you’re looking for lessons you’ll find many instrumental teachers advertise in local shops and libraries, while local authority Music Services are also a good place to start.

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