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BBC Singers - Pitch Perfect Production

BBC Philharmonic Orchestra and BBC Singers
Sat 16 June
Peel Hall and Maxwell Hall

Did you attend a Salford event? Send in your comments below, and check out the photo gallery!


Elaine & family from St Helens
Fantastic! We attended the early evening session at Salford recently. My son aged 12 played his clarinet and loved it, such a thrill to play with an orchestra and what a motivator for him. It was brilliant to watch his face beaming as he joined in. My 9 year old and I took part in the singing ( I hadn't signed up to do it but was encouraged to have a go) We both had such fun, the singers were brilliant. Rebecca and her colleagues were just great and had us laughing and smiling the whole time (even when we knew we weren't quite right?!) The session most certainly 'did what it said on the tin' and we are so glad we went along. Well done to everyone concerned, please 'play it again', we would love to join you again.

Bethan from Worsley
Just got home after this afternoon's event and my two daughters and I are still buzzing from the excitement and fun we have had! Tim Steiner was fabulous and the two Pauls who looked after us in the percussion section were fun and professional. What an honour it was to play along with the BBC Philharmonic orchestra 'and friends'! Tim said the choir was the best - they were a joy to listen to.

Gill from Chorley
Thank you very very very much for a wonderful day. Just sitting in such close proximity of the orchestra was thrilling enough, but then to have the benefit of producing an amazing piece from scratch in such a short time was incredible! And my 9 year old on his baritone horn was very kindly helped (and inspired) by Phil, the Phil’s trombonist.I would like to you pass on my special thanks to Rebecca of the BBC singers who led the singing session so well with great expertise and humour.

Jim,Janet,Martha and Alastair
What a great day...the kids loved the opportunity to play with the orchestra and you even managed to get Al's photograph on your site...Not sure if our percussion section made more noise than music!! I am sure Tim thought so by his pained expression. When the singers came in i felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end, the singers were simply awesome. Thanks again...not to sound too much like a "Points Of View" spoof.

Claire from Liverpool
I would just like to pass on my grateful thanks for the Salford 'Play it Again' event last Saturday afternoon. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole session. It was extremely well organised and everyone connected with the event was unfailingly good natured and helpful.Thanks once again,Claire

Lynda from Sale
I wanted to let you know just how much we enjoyed the event on Saturday. We found the whole experience very pleasant, casual, informative and hugely enjoyable. Please pass on our thanks to everyone concerned. What a privilege to be able to say I have played with the BBC Phil - goes along with my trip on Concorde in my achievement ratings.

My husband Bill and I had a fantastic afternoon, he played in the percussion group and I was with the singing group. Rebecca who led the singers was so enthusiastic as were the other professionals with her. I was particularly impressed with Jenny's "top E" at the end of our fill. Hope to repeat it again next year and thanks for a wonderful afternoon.

Hurry up with the photos.. i've been looking everyday ! ;-)
It was fantastic, great fun to be able to play alongside other `amateurs' and an ambition fullfilled to play alongside such a wonderful orchestra, members of whom were encouraging about my own abilities and those around me; it was a brilliant experience and one that have already shared with other people and recommended. The orchestra's first performace of `the gate' was an amazing experience, it was emotional and warm, almost overwhelming; I cried. There is nothing like hearing real music especially when it is so beautifully played. And the support staff were great. A special thank you to Barry who lead the `others' group. I went in my wheelchair and I had assistance and good company from Lizzie- a `red shirt' who pushed me everywhere I needed to get to. Thank you. I made the mistake of not taking cash for the cafe but there was free coffee and biscuits. The event was easy to find. The only downside, if that is the right word, was having an information pack that didn't appear to relate to anyone I met. For example, the orchestra leader who conducted the days activities did not seem to be mentioned in the info pack or on the BBC website. I have a poor memory and I need to thank people personally. I also wanted hug all the orchestra and say thank you. Brilliant.

Alexander Jones ("8 year old)
I enjoyed it so much I want to do it all again, right from the beginning.It was so much fun. Please do it again. I played the Double Bass.- Thanks to Ivor.

It was brilliant - our group leader was friendly and helpful. I thought the performance at the end was great! Thanks - hope you'll be back next year!

Janet, Phil and David
The three of us had a wonderful afternoon and we met some lovely people. How nice it was to see such a mixture of people all joining in.The final performance was wonderful!Can we have more next year please?A very big Thank you to everyone! x

Linda Marciniak
Fantastic! I have only just returned to singing after many fallow years and the Play it Again event really fired me up. The BBC Singers who taught us were so accomplished, enthusiastic and inspirational and the Philharmonic superb. I'd definitely recommend it! Thank you BBC.

isabel Thomas
It was a really fun and up lifting event. Great to see such a mix of ages. Rebecca and her team were fantastic with the singers, they made it such good fun., Many thanks to Tim Steiner the orchestra and singers and BBC team for giving us all a great day. Look forward to more of them.

Rachel Humphries
What a fun afternoon in Salford and a fabulous opportunity to work with such talented musicians. My son Matthew and I sang with the choir and enjoyed sharing the enthusiasm for singing with Rebecca and her fellow singers. The performance of the Great Gates of Kiev was a brilliant experience and I have been singing - great gates, my mates, ever since! Thank you to the BBC for staging such a wonderful event, I felt priviledged to be a part of the day.

Leslie Keene
A wonderful experience to take part in the Play it Again event at Salford. As a member of the Singers group, Rececca worked very hard and I hope we performed to her satisfaction. A marvellous occasion and I look forward to when you repeat the event.Well done!

Anthony Pease
I'd just like to say what a fantastic experience it was playing with the orchestra. Not many people can say that they've played with a Philarmonic Orchestra. The atmosphere was great and the people made it a wonderful day. I enjoyed it enormously. Thanks.

Jean Finney
I recorded the first piece played by the orchestra, then the final presentation. Different of course, but such an exciting result from such a short time together. Like a magical musical jigsaw. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and have the photos to prove it.

Glen & Jackie Morris
What an absolutely brilliant evening! We both played in the percussion section and had a superb time. Not knowing what to expect it turned out to be a magical event. For complete novices the tuition session was great fun with everyone participating and having a good time. Thanks again to the two Pauls and Peter.

I would like to thank everyone involved in putting together this event. What a clever idea to re-write the music in a way that allowed people who could play only one note to participate. I managed a few more, mainly due to the help from Julia, Claire and Jenny, the friendly and enthusiastic flute girls (sorry, Claire, I know I almost did your head in). You will be pleased to know that I have had my flute out several times since, that is more than over the last few years, so – mission accomplished!I hope this will become a regular event, and I hope I´ll be back. The only frustrating part for me was that I knew that with a bit of practice I could have been a lot better. Maybe it would be possible next time to send the music out in advance to people who want to prepare? My compliments to Tim Steiner for all the preparation and for doing four events in a row – I would not have known that our Saturday evening was the 4th time he was conducting a bunch of beginners and “rusty returners” in two days.Only one regret: I didn´t ask the dishy tall bass player (I think he was a “guest”) if he is single....

Kathleen from Bolton
What a great idea. Everyone enjoyed it and my grandson cant stop talking about it. If you repeat the sessions in Salford some time please let us know.Thanks

Just a short thank you from me for a lovely afternoon yesterday. I was playing in the sax section, my youngest boy was playing trumpet, my best friend sang and my eldest boy was on percussion. The bonus of the day was when my young foster son aged 7 was invited to join percussion with his new big brother. It made his day and will make a lovely memory for him seeing the video of him with his new family playing with the BBC orchestra. Play it again means a lot to me because I took up the sax at the ripe age of 41. Most people who have a mid life crisis opt for a fast car or lipo suction. Me I'm happy with my jazz and a tenor sax. I was glued to the episode when Robert Winston took up the alto. I do hope that we have more events to attend in the future and would welcome the opportunity to play it again.

Angela & Helen from Barnsley
Just a few lines to say how much we enjoyed friday's event at Leeds. It was fantastic, what a wonderful experience.

Damen Nuttall
Had a great time, adn learned a lot. What a fantastic experience....Well done the BBC

Julie Edwards
I was nervous when I arrived in Salford on Saturday evening. I'd not played my violin for several years and when I attempted to play earlier in the week it sounded terrible. Nerves turned to almost panic when we were asked to sit and play alongside the musicians I'd listened to with admiration. But I really enjoyed playing and it was amazing to be part of such a huge sound. Thank you very much BBC Philharmonic for a great experience and especially violinists Lucy and Rachel for their help. Many thanks to the BBC and Tim Steiner for a fantastic evening and for reminding me how enjoyable and fun playing music can be. I know now that I really do want to continue playing.

J Brickley (Co Durham)
What a fantasic day. I had such great fun and I can't even sing! Umpa, umpa, stick it up your jumpa will not be the same again. It's great to see such an even run just a shame that as I come from the north east the nearest was Leeds and I happened to be visiting friends in the area.

Keith Blackledge
What a grand time I had on saturday I have never played in a large group before but am now looking for something to join with my drum kit well done and thankyou to everyone concerned please put me on your mailing list KB

Jane Howie
As for every one else, Rachael (17) and I had a wonderful tIme singing on Sat afternoon. Special thanks to "Larry" from the BBC singers who stood near us and kept us in tune!! I'm hoping to find a group near macclesfield and start singing again after a break of 30 years. having the sheet music in advance would have made me more accurate - however great fun was had by all and I sucessfully fulfilled my parental role by embarassing my offspring and joining in the "funky dancing". Only complaint was it was over too soon!

Cathy, Billy, Elsie & Andrew Hall
Thanks for a brilliant day in Salford. My son Andrew will never forget his day with the BBC Philharmonic and his BBC partner Mark on violin who helped him feel at home. It was a wonderful experience which we will all not forget. It was a massive task to bring all the inexperienced and experienced groups together in such a short period of time. Thanks to all who made it possible. My husband, mother-in-law and I did not participate but were there as audience but maybe next time will take part.Hope that there will be other events because it was such a memorable day! Thanks again.

Jenny Baxter
A huge thankyou to the BBC Philharmonic and organisers of the event. It was a truly inspiring experience and such a privilege to play alongside the professionals - particularly when they didn't mind all the wrong notes! Something similar in the near future would be fantastic.

We need much more of these kind of events. Everybody from the wind section was so supportive and it was a joy to play with other saxophonists - it has now given me the confidence to join the local swing band - if they'll have me.......... The feedback from the audience was brilliant - pity there was not enough space for more. Many thanks to the Beeb.

Catharine Helm (clarinet)
Had a really super afternoon. The event was most enjoyable, the practice sessions went well and I was particularly impressed with the differentiation of the music, which enabled both beginners and more experienced players to play confidently with the BBC Philharmonic. I would like to thank all of you for putting on such a good humoured event for us all to enjoy. I hope that the BBC will repeat this experience again, the sooner the better.

Andrew Matthews
Just wanted to say thanks a million for the chance to play with the BBC orchestra! They were fantastic!! The tutors were all great people and really added a sense of fun and excitement to the event. Was worried what would be expected of me before I came but was put at ease really quickly and my partner and I really enjoyed ourselves. Do it again!!!!

Tim and Julie
Wonderful day. Lucy and Andrew (violins)were very welcoming and put us at our ease. Very well organised. We will be writing an article for our music centre's newsletter. Looking forward to the next one.

Ali Carrington
A big, big thank you to everyone involved in the organisation of the Salford Play it Again event. Brilliant fun, met some lovely people and am definitely going to get back to some serious singing. Listening to music is one thing but there is nothing like making your own sounds, and by gum did we make some beautiful noise on Saturday evening. Thanks again BBC

John Hall (Guitar)
What an absolutely fabulous experience. Well done to the BBC organisers and the orchestra members for bringing together the individual sections to create that wonderful piece of music in such a way that it was fun for everyone - from beginners to experienced musicians both young and old - I shall never forget it and hope to repeat it some time, as I'm sure everyone who took part will also want to. A couple of people have expressed that they would like to have had the sheet music first, but I think that would scare some people off especially if they don't read music. So please don't alter the format, it worked wonderfully the way it was, and added to the spontaniosity (dont know if thats a word) of the final performance. Finally a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who took part and the BBC. John

Alex Shaw
What a great afternoon ! My oboe had lain virtually dormant for 30 years and this event encouraged me to get it overhauled and to 'Play it again'. Well done BBC - i wouldn't have done it without this event.Thank you - Can we look forward to another one?

I have to agree with all what was said above. A fantastic day. I've never been part of an orchestra before but... "wow". I got swept up with the music and I must say the conductor was fantastic. Thank you BBC!

Sarah Bailey
Wow!! What a fantastic day!! It was amazing to watch the BBC philharmonic, but then to play with them was fantastic! As a young Musician it was a great inspriation to see the real professionals and get to work with them. Thank you BBC!

A great afternoon - definitely the highlight of my year! Two days later I am still re-lliving the experience.Tim Steiner brought everything together brilliantly and my BBC Phil violinist 'mentor' - Ian - gave me great support and encouragement. I hope the BBC will fund similar events next year.

The event exceeded all my expectations ! A well organised and wonderful music from the BBC Philharmonic! I've been inspired to start learning a new instrument, the mandolin, thanks to the ladies of Manchester Central Library who had a stand at the event & who enrolled me as a member of the library & lent me a "learn to play" DVD

Meg, Llinos and Dianne
Absolutely fantastic! It was so much more than we expected. Meg, who is 8, will never forget her first fabulous experience of classical music! Great fun and everyone was so enthusiastic. We were buzzing from it all evening and the following day! Thank you so much! Play it again??? Yes, please - tell us when!

Stuart Davies
I really enjoyed the experience and hope if there is another one I am lucky enough to get a place. The organisation of the event was excellent.

Jenny Tomlin
Thoroughly enjoyed Saturday afternoon. I sing in a church choir but it was very refeshing to do something toally different. Christopher (10) had a super time playing his trumpet in the orchestra and has already asked if there are any other workshops with the BBC Philharmonic he can go to! Eleanor (8) also enjoyed her time in the wind group. A wonderful experience for them to be involved in such a super project, regardless of the fact that they only know a few notes and have never played in an ensemble before; it has certainly inspired them. They are asking to attend a concert, as well as "when is the next Play it Again session?" Huge thanks to all the organisers and those who helped in any way, especially the group leaders and Alan, the trumpet player who sat with Christopher. Special thanks to Tim Steiner.

gillian jamieson
what a fantastic experience Saturday evening was. I didn't come down until Sunday. It was absolute joy to work with professional musicians and amazing what they could knock out of a bunch of strangers in one hour. Please come back to Salford.

Jane Darlington
I had such a fantastic time on Saturday at Salford University, it was such a thrill to listen to the massive orchestra and singers. I was in the choir and want to say thanks to the BBC singers that were at the event, they were full of beans and very encouraging to be with. I loved every minute of it and hope this event is reapeated next year. Thansk so much to everyone involved!!

Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that organised the event. It was great fun to do. The BBC Philharmonic sent shivers down my spine when they played!

Barry & Alison Bohanoon
Well what a tremendous experience Saturday's event was ! We were both a bit apprehensive about what to expect but once we registered it became clear that this was going to be HUGE !! My wife took along her clarinet ,that had been idle for 16 years, and was so inspired by it all that she now wants to buy a bassoon (the instrument she used to play in a youth orchestra in the 80's) I am a five month rookie guitarist and can't get the chord progression we played, out of my head ! The Great Gates of Kiev from Moussorgksy's Pictures from an Exhibition will always bring back fond memories of a fabulous afternoon in Salford, June 16th. 2007. Thank you BBC and thanks to Barry the tutor for 'The Others' and Colin the tutor for the clarinet sections of the ensemble. We are now looking forward to 2008 for another opportunity to 'Play it again' !

Matthew Holt
good day experence

Sandra & Steve
We attended the Salford evening event with our 2 children and 2 of their friends and it was excellent. All the children commented that the experience of playing with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra is one they will never forget. Thank you to all those involved and I hope there will be more Play it Again events in the future.

Antony Fearn
Fantastic Event. Brilliant experience to play with so many people and see/hear what can be accomplished in such a short space of time. Great to see everyone leaving with such wide smiles on thier faces.

brilliant experience. it was really overwhelming to be part of such a large group of talented people, both professional and ametuer. i loved it.

Steve Barlow
A great day. Well organised and fun for all. A once in a life time oppertunity.

I put my son Anthony's (age 10) name down for the event and with quite some persuasion he agreed to join. Guess what he told me after the event? “Mum, I really enjoyed it, it was not as daunting as I imagined, but so much fun, I really felt proud when I sat next to a true violinist of the BBC. I will definitely go again next year”. It has been a truly amazing experience for the whole family.

Nuala Finegan
I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. I went on my own and I didn't really know waht to expect. I needn't have worried. The emphasis was definitely on fun. I must admit to being slightly worried that Rebecca ( one of the BBC singers ) would go into premature labour with all the funky dancing, but otherwise I had a wonderful time. Thank you.

Pádraig Sweeney
Fair play to ye. A super event. Thoroughly enjoyable. Can't fault you on it. Make the next one a 6 hour event though!!

Pam Bromley
Had no idea what to expect! Great event to sample working with the professionals. Very well organised and a lot of fun too. Special thanks to Elise Towler for her encouragement and for sorting out my recalcitrant cello. Coming next time and letting others know.

Onnica Rheade
The day was thoroughly enjoyable and far surpassed my expectations. Very professional and approachable organisers helped create an inspirational atmosphere.

Jan Pearson
Play it Again was a great experience. I have never played a musical instrument before - not even at school - but I have now had the experience of playing a drum in a rhythm section with the BBC Philharmonic! I thoroughly enjoyed the session and I am still buzzing!

Ian McGuinness (Bolton)
As an aged novice on the tenor trombone (with only 5 months lessons under my belt) I wondered what was to be in store, particularly whilst the BBC orchestra was giving its breathtaking performance of the music which was to be the theme of the afternoon's workshop. Would I be way out of my depth? My group of instrumentalists was installed in the vacant seats located within the body of the orchestra itself. I was positioned on the middle back row sitting next to the bass trombonist. I was immediately put at ease by him. Horror did set in, however, when I saw that the score was in base clef. I had only ever seen treble clef before. My horror was made even worse when I dicovered that I was wearing the wrong spectacles. No problem! This was quickly remedied by a BBC team member who quickly located euphonium parts in treble clef which met the needs of other back row players in the same state of panic as myself.( I was also able to rush off stage and get the correct specs. from my instrument case). The introduction to the workshop was gentle and innovative and our group was soon inspired to build on our modest skills. I even received gracious applause for my "fanfare" offering for use in the improvised last few bars of the orchestral piece. Fame and recogition in such a short space of time!!! Thanks to the whole BBC, but in particular to my bass trombonist mentor. The formula for getting everyone involved was spot-on and was delivered so expertly that it was made to be easy. A truly memorable experience, thank you!

Patricia Morrell
I participated in the Salford event as a singer and wanted to let you know that I found it to be a thoroughlly enjoyable, humourous and uplifting evening. It has inspired me to take up singing again (the last time I sang was when I was 17 yo and I am now 49). I will definitely take part in future events and thank you to the BBC for hosting such a marvelous programme.

Pam McGuinness (Bolton)
Great fun and very well organised.

Claire Berry
I took part in the Saldord play it again event with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra and the BBC singers. I arrived slightly unsure of what to expect but within minutes had been put at ease by Rebecca from the Singers and went on to have a fantasic fun filled afternoon! It was wonderful to be singing with others again and I'm now determined to join a choir in the new season. Thank you BBC for the marvellous opportunity! See you next year!

Mary Beaird
This was great fun. I'd love to do it again. Thanks a million! (Although I'm not sure what my mum would say about what we did to "The Great Gate of Kiev!").

Susan Frearson
I had a thoroughly enjoyable time. It just makes you realise how many people there are who enjoy making music - wouldn't it be great if this could be organised monthly, obviously with some form of payment.

Karen Bedingfield
it was fantastic, I hope there's another one next year.

Carole Partingotn
What a fnatastoc event. We went as a family and had the best time. Thanks to everyone who organised it - and please can we have more!!! Soon!!

gary dewsbury
what a great time we had in salford met some great people in the guitar group and the performance was brilliant thank you, gary

Ned Hickling
I only participated as a member of the audience at the end. The end result was astounding- and I might say far more enjoyable than some of the stuff that I hear on Radio 3 but then it was live. However, it would be great if the performers were given more postive encouragement to bring an audience in at the end -it's worth it! The secondary effect -as with me is that I am inspired to take up the French Horn again. I couldn't make the event as I was already singing Faure's Requiem that day. Boy, would I have had more fun in Salford! Encore!

anya townsend
the bbc helpers were very kind and helped you when you got stuck or made it simpeler if you couldnt play a part in the was a fun and exciting experience and i would do it again.

John & Andrew Ashworth
What a fantastic evening, we both enjoyed it very much. The event was well run with a good, friendly and humorous atmosphere. The music was fun to play and we both had a smile on our faces during the event and even now, the day after. The members of the philharmonic, made us very welcome and were also very helpful. We would both certainly come again and would recommend the event to anyone, great experience.John & Andrew

Stephen Holbrook, Poynton
A really enjoyable and interesting day and well planned to allow everyone to contribute, whatever level of experience. These events are a great way to see how far your learning has progressed and how much more practice is needed! Thanks to everyone who organised the event.

Conaill MacCormac
It was the best 2 hours practising i've spent with an instrument (Trombone) but i forgot the name of the person sitting next to me. : - ( Anyway i would love the sheet of music for treble clef trombone with the posions written above i could show my teacher and all my extened family it was emence and can't put it in to words thanku thanku thanku for inviting me i loved every minute

Joanne Lucas
What an amazing afternoon! Only wish it could have lasted longer. Having the chance to play the violin in an orchestra after 12 years of not playing was fantastic. I am already looking for string groups to join so I can continue my new found enthusiasm. Thanks to Pam, it was a pleasure playing next to you. Hopefully the BBC will organise more and I will bring the whole family next time.

Marie Dodd
What can I say fantastic!!! It was amazing to hear our singing parts come together with the full orchestra especially when you take into consideration the short time taken to achieve this. Thanks for all for a wonderful day and also thanks to the BBC Singers in making the tuition so enjoyable. I had forgotten how powerful my voice was (as I dont tend to sing these days) until yesterday. It has spurred me on to do something else soon. I hope this experience can be repeated as soon as possible and a longer workshop performance would be wonderful.

Ken Ingham
Many thanks to all concerned in the organisation of this event. It was a brilliant evening.

Charlotte Draper - age 9
I'm new to the violin but that didn't matter. Martin was a great help and made the afternoon brilliant!!! I've never played with such a big orchestra before - I loved it and the sound was amazing. Looking forward to the next one!

James Draper
I thought it was fantastic! I've never enjoyed myself so much in an orchestra. Everyone was really friendly and made it a unique experience. I can't wait for the next one !!!

Mark, Debbie and Emily Weir
What a fantastic day. We were let loose in the percussion section along with approx 80% tone deaf colleagues.The staff were very patient and happy to listen to everyones ideas about solos. We had tambourines and drums (mine wasn't tuned correctly).The way we were so professionally intergrated into the main performance was wonderful and everyone looked like they were having a great time. Keep up the good work and don't leave it too long to repeat the experience. Once again many thanks.

miriam unsworth
what a fantastic day my grandaughter and I had. It helped her realise that music can be enjoyed by all sorts of people and all sorts 0f abilies. Full marks to the BBC

Joanne Hunter
I had a wonderful day - thank you!My grandma came to the concert and she enjoyed it so much she want's to participate next year!Joanne Hunter (age 11)

Liz Ward
This has to have been the best afternoon out I've had in years!!! The whole event was so well managed and the final performance was breath taking! Thanks so much to all the team who helped us put together such a great piece of music in such a short time. I was so inspired by the feeeling of togetherness and the sense of achievement we all felt at the end. I met some amazing people and had a fantastic afternoon. At the end our group said, "What shall we play next Saturday?!" Thank you so much to the BBC for this event and can we 'Play it Again' next year?!!!

Simon Lodge
Absolutely amazing! If a 43 yr old who hasn't sung since school choir 30 years ago can be coached to produce a reasonable note or two and be involved then so can you. Rebecca Lodge (no relation) and the BBC Singers really do inspire, give you confidence and encouragement. These events are unique - do try them if you can and I think you'll be hooked!

David Wiseman ( violin )
Wonderfull experiance, would Love to do it again, only 1 usefull comment, I would of liked to of known the music sheet before hand in order to learn it better, David

Callum Mackintosh
What a great event! An excellent way to get the community involved, from beginners to experts all playing together. Thanks must go to the organisers of the Play It Again tour for all the work that must go into a project like this. Hope it is repeated another year, perhaps to a different selection of cities.

Had a fab day, had no idea what to expect as my friend signed me up! Rebecca Lodge, from BBC singers was brilliant, and the finished event was amazing!Would absolutely recommend it to anyone!

sam mcwhinnie
what a fab day who would have believed when we arrived that such a fantastic performance would come together so quickly what a great way of encouraging people to enjoy music and be part of such a fantastic opportunity many thanks to all who organised and participated in the event, i was honoured to be part of the experiencesam

A big thank you goes out to the BBC, for putting on such a fantastic event especially the BBC Singers and Philomonic Orchestra. We all had a brilliant day and I would love to do it all over again!

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