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BBC Symphony Orchestra

BBC SO and BBC Singers
Sat 7/Sun 8 July 
Maida Vale Studios

Did you attend an event in London? Send in your comments below, and browse the photo gallery...


John williams
Hi, my daughter Fleur played the Tam-tam on the 7th July (Booked), my wife talked her way into singing. Me I justed watched enthralled. We all come away on cloud nine. The musical directors and musicians are to be congratulated nothing was to much trouble, roll on the next series of play it again. Can we book now please.

David Blair-Reid
I was most privileged to play in 3 x concerts of Steiner’s “Storm” with the BBC Symphony Orchestra in London. It was just as mind blowing and humbling as playing Steiner’s “Great Gates” with the BBC Philharmonic in Leeds. I will always carry these experiences with gratitude. Again, I was moved by the warm welcome and acceptance by such an orchestra, especially my Viola partners, who taught me very useful technique to help me through the most technical pieces of the music. Tim Steiner is simply amazing, and I would challenge anyone who thinks he is not a Genius. He held the concerts together with great skill, and made everyone relax and enjoy music making with his moving adaptation of Britten’s Storm. It was sheer pleasure working with this Genius, and I really hope to work with him again. People of all ages, colours, religions, cultures and backgrounds left their differences at the entrance, and worked together with their talents to make beautiful music. This is how people should live together, and Music is a way to peace and tolerance in this world. Much thanks to the BBC Symphony Orchestra and the BBC Singers for all the hard work they put into the concerts, given their heavy performance commitments. It was much appreciated. Thanks to all staff, the Camera Crew for their hard work and humour, and also for my interview. I would also like to give special thanks to the “Funders” and management of the BBC in putting together this ingenious programme, guaranteed to take UK music making forward, and I beg that it be offered again next year. Thank you, fellow musicians. Tim you are a real special person, and I hope the UK recognises your genius, energy and commitment. David Blair-Reid (Beethoven Viola).

ann fairfull
I'd already taken part in the Glasgow event and was greedy for more.( Honest, I didn't do anyone out of a place because I just turned up with my flute and asked if there was a space for me.) Again an exhilirating experience, the biggest thrill I've ever had with my clothes on. Thank you to all involved.

Video Clips
Thank you very much for the great photos of the event will there buy any chance be any video clips or any sound clips? Once again a Great event This has given me a totally different view of the BBC and how the liscence fee is spent, I would happily pay a lot more for events like play it again.THANK YOU

rock - more funding should be available for these events

A double-bassist from Bedfordshire
Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone involved in the Play It Again event on Saturday. We had an "awesome" time and learned a lot from the lovely lady double bassist my daughter was paired with. She came away really inspired - I am sure it will be something that will always be a wonderful memory for her!
I was ever so slghtly disappointed after waiting so long for the pictues to appear that I did not appear in any of them. It would have been a ideal memento of a great Sunday afternoon out.

Sophie & Rosie (singers)
A wickid morning, such a cool experience would love to take part again next year!!!!! xxxx :) xxxx

Thank You Website Editor
Not disappointed but very happy indeed for all the extra pics....What a wonderful event more please BBC

website editor
Don't panic, the photos for the Sunday sessions are on their way - the Saturday photos arrived first so they went live first. You should see Sunday's photos in the next day or two.

Angela Simoes
I was one of the many singers who assembled for the afternoon event. I have always enjoyed singing and though I didnt get any voice trainingI sang my heart out accpmpanied by the great BBCSO though I was a bit disappointed that none of my friends in the group nor I got into the photo gallery!!

Very Disapointed
After a week of waiting for the photos of the Maida Vale event imagine my disapointment to see that not only were there not any from the Sunday morning event the 50 that are shown have quite a few double ups...Please , Please , Please BBC add some more I remember the photographer running around snapping away and as we were not alowed to take our own we were hoping that we might have had at least some chance of stardom,Thats not to take away the fact that the event was Excellent and the orchestra was wonderful but it somehow takes the shine of an otherwise perfect day. :o(

Glenys Doble
Thanks for a really enjoyable afternoon and the opportunity to play with such a brilliant orchestra. It has inspired me to want to play my clarinet again, with other people, after many years. Thank you to Emily, one of the BBC SO Clarinetists, for her help with the fingering on those high sharps and for being so friendly. I would definately do it again next year if you run it - a whole day would be good. One request - can you put some more photos up of the Maida Vale Sunday afternoon session. Thanks.

Claudine Ratnayake
Worth every penny of the TV license! I had the best day. I picked up my violin after 15 years and it all came flooding back. My BBC Symphony friend, Julie, was very encouraging and I've even Googled orchestras in my area and am considering getting back to playing! Well done Beeb!

Jane Frith
What an afternoon! Totally exceeded expectations and what made it was the wholehearted support of the amazing BBC Singers & orchestra. Thank you for giving us such an opportunity and really hope that this will be repeated - and I get a place!

A Cox
Just to add - pls PLS BBC put some clips on YouTube - we'll love you forever!

Brilliant!!! I absolutely loved it and so did everyone else I knew. Thanks for a great day!!!

Giovanna Bett Violin Saturday, 7th July
I could not believe I had got a place. It was definitely worth the journey from Penzance. Were there any other people from Cornwall there? What a wonderful opportunity to share such wonderful music and in such a prestigeous building. Thanks to all the organisers both front and backstage, even the guys on cloakroom duty! Thanks to both the Sheila's, Tim, a special thanks for sending me the music. If you should read this Tim I have found an Orchestra in West Penwith, on my doorstep. Thanks to all for giving me this opportunity, and confidence builder. My teacher, here, in Penzance says I have undergone a Transformation!! I would love to hear from any other performers from Cornwall .

Roger Slater
I have reached an age when I am blasé about most things, but this was one of the most exhilerating afternoons of my life! Learning, with the singers, was fun and educational; practising and then performing with a full orchestra was exciting beyond description. Many thanks, BBC, for a magical time.

sheila (singer)
what a brilliant opportunity - thanks to everyone involved. five days later and i still have a feeling of joy and fun. it was indeed such a powerful and moving experience.

Carl Kelly
THANK YOU BBC! What a great opportunity to start playing again...more please!

Vince Morris
I wasnt sure what to expect. At first I debated on the idea of going all the way into london just to play some orchestral music. But I decided to take the opportunity to play with such a reputable orchestra. It turned out to be such a great event. I really enjoyed it, and now i can say I've played with the BBC Symphony. Its good to have such a brilliant day where anyone of any standard, any age can all play together with professional musicians in a relaxed environment.

Iain Callum Price
I had a great day. I am holding my trombone better now. Thank you for your help.

Barbara Lyddiatt
This was the most amazing and enjoyable event. We all felt that we were contributing to the music-making. I was quite surprised that there were very few recorders; I was expecting to be one of dozens. It felt very special to be one of only three (plus a professional who supported us). I thought it excellent to see how many young people there were, with a good mix of both sexes and all ages. I hope to have another chance to come to this event again next year.

jetta norton - singer
Thank you to everyone for a great and inspiring afternoon, but especially Lyn and the BBC singers for their enthusiasm and expertise.To end the afternoon singing with the BBC Symphony "super-size" Orchestra, was a special treat which will stay with me to inspire me to be more active musically!

Joyce Faucher
I am a stage 1 viola player, I was partnered with the most wonderful and patient viola player, he put me at ease and helped me enjoy the experience. I still have that buzz from playing. I had a fantastic time and would recommend anyone no mater what stage they are to take part, I would definately do it again next year, if you would have me. Thank you.

Claire Farman
This really was a brilliant afternoon - such a great opportunity to play with the BBC Symphony Orchestra and such an array of other muscial instruments....A real inspiration to start playing again. It reminded me just how much I miss it. Thank you!!

Absolutely Brilliant!!! I wish I could do this every day.

April & Chris Evans
What a fantastic afternoon. Working with the BBC singers was fantastic and my husband who has no experience of playing an instrument was in the percussion section and really enjoyed the experience. It was a great opportunity and an honour to be involved.

Jennifer Adams
What a fabulous afternoon we had. Such fun. I had forgotten what a wonderful thing it is to make music with lots of other like minded people. To join in with the professionals was such a treat. I am definitely going to try to find a local choir to join, if they will have me.

A truly incredible experience. It rocked my socks, BIG time!

Linda Chanan
My dream came true on Sunday morning - playing percussion with a huge orchestra. Mind you, I never thought I would be shaking a cabbage and a courgette ( or it could have been a lettuce and a cucumber) but didn't we have fun! I loved the whole experience - and I'm still on a high. So a huge thank you to everyone - Tim, the fabulous orchestra, our percussion teachers, the welcomers, my fellow shakers - and whoever thought up the idea and had the vision to carry it out. Here's to the next one! THANK YOU!

Liz Harris
Thank you for a great morning! The BBC singers were great and it as a very friendly atmosphere. It was amazing how much could be put together in such a short space of time and sound so good. It was a pity that the singers couldn't hear what they were singing sometimes, but the musicians were playing so well it didn't matter...

Tricia Harrison
Thank you Lincoln, Tim and Team for a really enjoyable morning at Maida Vale studios. This was the first time that I had played Alto Sax with a group and it was good fun! It has inspired me to keep practising to hopefully become good enough to join a band. Great to hear from Diane Abbott - she was the most inspiring of the celebreties, who participated in the play it again series. Great to play with the BBCSO - Would love to do it again next year.Thanks!!

Ruth & Beci Magee
We had a brilliant time and would do it all again. It was really well organised can it be longer next time!!

Bryan, Annie and Kelvin
It was very inspiring for us to play and sing along with the BBCSO. We enjoyed so much!! We highly recommend it to other families.

william evans
hi there thanks for the chance to perform and play with professional musicians the orchestra themselves were absolute fantastic i enjoyed every minute of it once in a lifetime chance to play with such wonderful and fantastic musicians once again for a fantastic day and if anything ever comes up in the further i would like the chance to be selected thanks bbc from william evans

Rosie Cunningham
Wow, what an experience. I came as a singer full of nerves and apprehension but right from the start the BBC singers soon put us all at ease and what fun they were. To sing with an orchestra was unbelievable especially at the age of 69. Thank you so much for the opportunity to do it. I will certainly be going to the concerts.

Suzanne Smith
Thank you so much for a short but very fulfilling afternoon in the Maida Vale Studio. It was the first time I had picked up my flute for 25 years and I am not surprised that my sound wasn't as beautiful as my neighbour (the BBSO flautist) but nevertheless for a brief moment in time I felt that I was a professional. That was only possible by the welcoming, encouraging atmosphere and especially the brilliant humour and magic of the conductor. Apologies to all, it has been so long I have been out of the music world that I can't quote any names. Thanks so much again and now I can look foward to bringing my three year old daughter into the friendly world of music.

Angela Petrassei age 10
I have only recently started trombone and from this play it again experience, I have really opened my eyes. I was the youngest person playing trombone, which, playing a peice I have never heard before and succeding reasonably, it gave me a buzz like lips and a mouthpeice. I would never have even heard of trombone if it wasn't for my daddy. I can imagine some good times that I can have with my trombone. Thankyou to Dan, Dave and Robert for making my morning a one in a lifetime experience!

Daniel Jackson
Hi I am 10 years old and I thought it was absolutely brilliant and I would love to do it again next year.

Gabrielle & Simone
We left Kent at 7.45am for the 10am event and it was well worth it. We loved every minute of it, my 7-year-old daughter wants to take part on the next event and so do I. BBC should promote the events direct to schools as well, it is definitely a big incentive to children.Well done for the BBC orchestra and its organisers. Brilliant !!!W

Mary Jones Singer
MAGIC. I enjoyed singing immensely, but it was also good to hear all the instruments portraying The Storm. Especially The Shakers Percussion section. Their Solo spot gave a real feeling of the heavy rain.

Roy Lagden
Wow what a brillant day. I had both my boys involved, one in the percussion stream and the other playing guitar in the "others". To have such a high level of professionalism mixed in with down-to-earth fun was inspiring. My children were still buzzing on Monday evening....what an inspiration Tim Steiner is...Please give us more....

Sue - Bedfordshire
My daughter and I have just returned from a fantastic afternoon spent at the Maida Vale studios. On booking my daughter in I found myself signing up for percussion and had a great afternoon. After listening to a spine tingling performance, we then separated so whilst she played the viola, I played a cow bell! The final performance was uplifting and it felt great to be part of an orchestra after a gap of many years! We can say we’ve been where the Artic Monkeys have been, played with a proper orchestra and when is the next one!Please pass on our thanks to all involved.

Steve Morris
What a fantastic session. The BBCSO made the hairs on my neck tingle with the amazing sound (although that didnt happen when I played!!). A memorable and moving experience

Steve Morris
What a fantastic session. The BBCSO made the hairs on my neck tingle with the amazing sound (although that sdidnt happen when I played!!). A memorable and moving experience

Helen from London
I just wanted to say a big thankyou to all the team at the Maidavale studios. Our 3 girls had a fantastic time and I was so impressed by how kind and patient everyone was with all the children. We can't wait for the next one! With many thanks from Helen

John e Bath
4got to say THANK YOU, oh, and did I mention `Brilliant` :-)

Thistle Garmonsway
At last, I could be a participant after 13 years of trailing round my sons' concerts and rehearsals. Listening to yet another, straight after on Saturday night, I found my listening was up on another level, thanks so much. At least they weren't doing the Storm from Peter Grimes because I want to hold on to the vivid sound of the BBC Symph at very close quarters. The workshop was the excuse for me to start playing Viola in May and already before Saturday had let me into a world I could only spectate before, and one with multiple thrills. Thanks again. It seems there is a local adult beginners' band I can aspire to. If I make it, the Vola section of the BBC Symph and Patrick especially are due lots of thanks for their welcome, and unstinting encouragement despite my embarrasing ineptitude. Even so, Tim was so clever, there were lots of different sounds to make and bits to try, so I could have enormous fun trying to tune my few notes to the rest of the wonderful sound going on around. One son who came to listen gave a really appreciative account of the range and subtlety of the "original work " especially the choral contribution. Thanks again for the enterprise and imagination; I shall do my best to justify the opportunity given me.

Lucy Ibbison
Many thanks to the Beeb for such a brilliant opportunity! The singing parts are still going thru my head and I smile each time I think of 'The Storm'. Such a well organised event and performing with the BBC SO at the end was magical! Special thanks to Lyn and the BBC Singers who guided us with encoragement and fun. Would do it all again in a heartbeat! If this is what the licence fee is spent on then it's cheap at twice the price!

Brian Marland
Well worth getting to Maida Vale at 10am on a Sunday morning! Thoroughly enjoyed it - can't wait for next years Play it Again!

Kim Yashar-Bish
It was a fantastic opportunity to sing with such wonderful musicians. Very emotional and uplifting. What a great idea, an opportunity for people to experience something so special.

Barry White
An inspiring day. To get such a result without the intensity of formality was exciting and encouraging. Good to see so many young people with their instruments among the symphony orchestra.

Aled Wyn Davies
THANK YOU / DIOLCHI spent Sunday PM at Maida Vale with the BBC Singers and BBC SOI hope this kind of event is funded further and many other people can derive as much pleasure as I did from what I would say is an amazing experience.Thanks for your time, thanks for your effort and thanks for letting me join in.Aled.

Jules & Saskia Goodger
What a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon we spent on Sunday with the BBC Singers. Everyone was so enthusiastic and we had so much fun. We were well looked after by all the staff at the Studios - thanks to them too. Can't wait until next time!!!

Alice Ward
I am 8 and I play the violin. I had a wonderful afternoon with the Orchestra. I play in a small string orchestra but to play with a full orchestra was fantastic! It was a real challenge but I was really pleased to find I could cope with the music!

John Mulholland. Trombone
Im still buzzing from the truly wonderful experience of sunday morning I still can't belive that I (Mr average) played with the BBCSO Althoght at times I found the music challenging and whished I had more time to learn it, the morning was made so much easyer by the fantastic BBCSO musicians namely Dave, Rodger and Dan who were brilliant with me and my daughter who was also on Trombone and who I am honoured to have played with. You can quadruple th TV Licence for all I care. More please BBC....THANK YOU ALL

Georgia Hamilton
Thank you so much for such an exhilarating experience. I had forgotten the feeling and am determined to join a choir again. I'm still singing "Feel the power, feel the heat, feel it ...."

Pete Sloper
Thank you to all of the Play it Again team at Maidavale for what was a wonderful day. It was incredible that I walked into a place with such amazing past,let alone sing there,Jill our conductor as well as the singers from the bbc are true pros, Well done to everybody who took part and lets support our wonderful BBC by at least going to one of there concerts EVERYBODY READ YOUR LEAFLETS IN YOUR BAGS.It was well worth the trip from the Isle-of-Wight

Graham -the cellist
What a fantastic day really enjoyed it! and to meet all the other musicians as well If anything like this happens again please put my name down :)

Peter Nichols
Despite my initial reservations of "BBC SO? Maida Vale Studios? I am going to be so out of my league here” I hope the rest of the “yellow dots” settled in and enjoyed it as much as I did. Mark I loved your electric bass solo, keep it going. Thanks to Lincoln for his enthusiastic leadership of the “others”, and the willingness of all the professional musicians to gamely participate with enthusiastic amateurs. The ability to actively engage and motivate the public like this demonstrates the breadth and depth of the BBC capability beyond its recognised field of TV and radio programming.

Angela & Oliver Banks
What a fantastic afternoon!!! I had booked myself in to play flute and was thrilled when my son, Oliver, was given a last minute place in the percussion section. Thank you VERY much for that - it really made his day. The whole afternoon was wonderful and a chance in a lifetime experience to play with the BBCSO. I was able to play more of the music than I expected but that was thanks to the help of the BBCSO expert next to me (apologies, I've forgotten his name but the very kind and helpful flautist) who gave tips on fingering for the really high notes! We really hope you do these events again and we'll definitely be on the waiting list - maybe next time the rest of the family will join in too, although they enjoyed the show just as much from the gallery this time. By the way - I loved the coughing chorus from the choir!! Thanks again - wish it had been all day rather than just the afternoon but thank you for the brilliant experience. Angela & Oliver Banks

Joanne Miles
I had a brilliant fantastic time with my alto sax in the 'others' on Sunday morning. The few hours zoomed past and I would have loved to have done it all again in the afternoon! I met some really great people and really really enjoyed it. Thank you so much for the opportunity and thank you to everyone that made it happen.

Emily Harrand
I Just would like to say a BIG HUGE THANKS to the BBC and BBC SO for the most inspiring and fabulous afternoon. I hadn't played the clarinet in over 10 years but playing with such a prestigious group the rush of adrenalin I used to get from playing came flooding back. I will definitely keep on playing now. Thanks BBC.

John e Bath
Truly amazing. What a brilliant way to spend a sunday afternoon.Everyone was fantastic,the security, the alley guides, the teachers,(for us it was Alison and Lincoln) the BBCSO and all the people who took part which, I am so very proud to say, included ME as part of the `Others`playing my Guitar. Brilliant people and a brilliant day :-)

Graheme Wilson
Until yesterday I had never been in the same room as an orchestra, let alone The BBC Symphony Orchestra. It was fantastic hearing the orchestra perform.I had a lot of fun working with Lincoln our instructor and top flute player. I improvised an electric guitar solo which he encouraged me to develop. Playing with the orchestra later that afternoon was awesome its something I have wanted to do for a long time and never thought I would have the chance - thank you Tim Steiner and the BBC for giving me a special musical experience.

Joy Harrild
Thankyou sooo sooo much for a really brilliant morning. It was so enjoyable and my teacher, the principal oboeist, was lovely. I had a really great time and it was just such great fun.So thankyou, I think it's a really brilliant thing for the BBC to do and much more things like it should be going on! Brilliant.

Carolyn Hall
Thank you so much for such an opportunity - I shall never forget the day! Alex, our Percussion Tutor, made it great fun and had so much positive energy! He was an inspiration. I had a great day!

Sarah-Jane Patterson
It was great to work with professional singers, conductor and orchestra and to open up my voice again prperly, instead of bluffing my way like I usually do!Please have more events like this. I would love to do it again.Thank you all so much!

Emily Jessop
What an amazing day! I loved playing with the BBC orchestra and listening to them. Thanks to everyone who made it possible.

Jess Jevon
Yesterday was excellent, thank you all so much! It's great being able to say I've played in a concert with the BBC SO! My desk partner was great and really helpful, plus the fact it was amazing seeing so many violas in one place :-D

Sue Queenborough
What a brilliant way to spend a fantastic Sunday morning. Excellent direction with humour from wonderful BBC singers who gave us so much. Thank you thank you - very inspiring - more please. Singing is good for your health!

Sara Browne
Fantastic good fun, tricky, uplifting and we all wanted to go away and dress up and do it again in the evening! Thank you so much.

Juliet Smith
I was quite anxoius at first as I had not played for years ,but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Even better I think I have found a tutor on the day who will give me lessons so I can carry on making music (of sorts !!!!!!)

Amanda Cox
I echo the sentiments of other participants: awesome. We had a wonderful teacher who reigned benignly as well as reined us singers in!Truly uplifting!More BBC, more!!

Mark Smith
Thank you for this fantastic rare opportunity to make music with the BBCSO. I'm am more than inspired.

Sonya Broadhead
What an inspiring afternoon! Thanks so much to the BBC Symphony Orchestra and the BBC Singers for helping us create something really beautiful. I hope the BBC continues to inspire young and old with similar projects.

Maggie Hook
Not only a wonderful, fun-filled morning, but a chance to meet lots of delightful, enthusiastic people and to get a glimpse behind the scenes at the Beeb. I tell you, with all those lovely, friendly staff available just for us, you can really see where the licence money goes - and worth every penny I say! On top of that, you've inspired me to make more effort to find a local singing group. Thank you all.

Myria Stopczynski
It was wonderful to see so many people leave Maida Vale Studios with a smile beaming from ear to ear! Just being in recording studios, with an historical past, was exciting in itself! The whole event was well organised and well manned and all those who delivered their role, did so with great humour! The refreshments were very much welcomed too. I would take part in something like this again at the drop of a hat! Events like these, make you realise just how important music is to ones wellbeing.

Billy Corr
An absolutely fantastic experience. I never thought shaking fruit could be such fun. Thank you to everyone involved with staging such a well organised and uplifting day - a big thumbs up to the BBC. Events like this really does give you the confidence and determination to take the next step.

Heather Ward, Tenor Horn
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!It was such an amazing experience! Thanks to everybody who made it such a brilliant day, especially to the horn section! I can't think of a single negative point to say! I left wanting to play the whole performance another 10 times at least! Also thinking about changing my history degree to a music one so I can do this more often! It's really difficult to take part in orchestras as a student (unless you don't actually do any studying) so this was an amazing opportunity to re-ignite my love for playing.Thanks again!

Brian Taylor.
Thank you for making Sunday afternoon an experience I shall never forget. Being able toparticipate alongside professional musicians ofsuch high calibre was a truly uplifting experience. Full credit must be given to the BBCand everyone on the staff who made made itpossible.

Steve Lewis
What a fantastic afternoon our daughter Hannah had playing her basoon at Madia Vale along side the professionals of the BBC SO. She so enjoyed her time and her 'teacher' was so helpful in getting her to play the difficult bits! It was great to watch the rehearsals and the final set piece was memorable. Very well organised, an event that all of us thought was fantastic and will remember for years to come!

Dan Robinson
Wow! It was a pleasure to play (Trumpet) again this morning, after 27 years (!) with such a Team. A never to be forgotten experience for me! Big thanks to Gareth and Willie for guiding me through 'The Storm'!!

Peter and Pat Branchflower
We came along as mere spectators to watch our 10-year-old grandson James playing in the bassoon section – a superb experience for him and for us. The day was made all the more rewarding when his younger sister Lucy and the children's parents were invited to join the percussion section, so the whole family were able to take part. Tim Steiner and his colleagues produced a very impressive performance from their fledgling orchestra and all the back-stage support staff were extremely helpful and friendly. Congratulations and many thanks for a well organised, inspiring and memorable day.

Lucy Moffatt
This was just brilliant. I went along with my 11-year-old, who's been playing violin for a year, but hasn't yet worked up the nerve to join her school orchestra. Although she was pretty nervous, her BBC SO desk partner quickly put her at ease, and encouraged her to play as much as she could. Orchestral playing isn't as new to me (I play violin in an orchestra for late starters called ELLSO) but it was just amazing to have the opportunity to play alongside a professional. My desk partner, Anna, was great - encouraging, ready to offer tips and infinitely patient with my frequent mistakes. The session was incredibly well organised: the music was carefully graded to cater to a wide range of abilities, but it was also very exciting to play. I loved the whole thing, and was really impressed by the sheer, infectious enthusiasm of Tim Steiner and the BBC SO players. My daughter was so taken by the whole thing that she's now planning to join her school orchestra. When you see this kind of commitment to community involvement in action, it seems laughable that people quibble over the licence fee. I'd happily pay double to ensure that the BBC was able to carry on offering such amazing events. Thanks to all involved.

Peter Green
Thanks for the chance to play with real singers and a real orchestra; thanks to Lincoln, Michael, Alison & the BBC musicians for coaxing creativity out of us "others"...

Leo Norris
Fantastic afternoon!

Corinne, Josie & Lottie Hollamby
We were truely thrilled and uplifted by the unique opportunity of singing with the BBC Singers culminating in the performance with the BBC Symphony Orchestra et al. Absolutely magnificient and a real afternoon to remember. Thank you to everyone.Corinne

Helen McLennan
Thankyou all so much for giving our 3 girls the most fantastic morning out. They and we had an absolute ball and I can't thank all the team you had working there enough for the kindness and patience they showed our girls. Romilly in particular had a hoot on the Tam-Tam and I thought the guys were very brave letting her loose on that! She hasn't stopped talking about it and Margaux said she was given lots of great tips for her clarinet and Imogen was given loads of help with her flute...we can't wait for the next one! Many thanks from Helen, Peter, Margaux, Imogen and Romilly Stockwell.

Mark Brown
When I originally told the family that that I'd booked them on this event, they were a little apprehensive to say the least. However after attending yesterday (Sunday) they agreed that they'd had a fantastic time and both of my children now wnat to learn to play a musical instrument.Thanks go out to the organisers for creating a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Toby Hartwell
What a brilliant way to spend a Sunday morning. It was a totally joyous music session and I would recommend it to anyone. My thanks to the great trombone and tuba section who were so welcoming and enthusiastic and congratulations to the dynamic Tim for getting the 200 or so people there to perform so dramatically. This is what music is all about...putting smiles on peoples faces....

Helen Coles
I had a Great afternoon!!!!!!!!My love for singing returnedThank you!

Sarah & Adam Johns
What an experience !! Adam and I have come away feeling inspired to do more with music. Thanks to Peter for his wonderful guidance for Adam - he was so encouraged and inspired by you that I am sure he will go on to great things with his violin ! You made his day and mine ! Thank you !

Nicola Wood
This was an excellent exciting afternoon but it was over in a flash. It would have been great to have just a bit more time. I went as a singer and was really impressed with how it all came together. I thoroughly enjoyed it the rehearsal parts and the performance. Thanks to all involved,

John Rae
Many thanks to everyone from the BBC and BBC SO. A superb event, worth double the licence fee in itself. Where do we sign the petition for another series of programmes and events?

Elaine Bailey
Playing alongside my two sons with such a fantastic archestra has to be one of my proudest moments. I'm really keen to get back into regular playing after such a brilliant afternoon - thank-you!

Anne Wood
How awesome was that?! I was touched by everyone's friendliness and welcome. It was inspiring to listen to the BBC Symphony Orchestra let alone play with them. My sincere thanks to the organisers, volunteers and musicians for their time, attention and patience. They collectively made the day an unforgettable experience. Thank you BBC.

Trudy Jackson
I thoroughly enjoyed my self this morning working with the bbc singers.It was worth travelling for 2 hours from Suffolk to get there. My 8 yr old daughter Georgina has not stopped talking about it yet! My other children enjoyed the percussion session and said what great fun they have had and cant wait until they go to school tomorrow and tell thier friends they played with the bbc symphony orchestra. Thank you for bringng the oppurtunity to us this should be done more often.

Joe hanbury
Absolutely brilliant!! It gave me the opportunity to do something I would never otherwise get the chance to do - namely "play" alongside the superb musicians of the BBC SO. Tim Steiner and his team were just so friendly and helpful. I am a beginner with the tenor sax and the feeling I got at the end of the performance was indescribable!! I was so hyped up I just wanted to tell everyone and anyone where I had just been and what I had done.Thank you so very much and also thanks to all those other fellow artistes who made it an afternoon that will remain with me for ever.

Patrick Harris
I attended the morning event on 8th July and brought tenor saxophone. I really enjoyed the event and found it very interactive whilst at the same time being a real eye opener. Thank you very much and I really hope there are more events coming up which I can attend. Kind regards, Patrick Harris. Poole, Dorset.

Mark Lewis - lone electric bass player!
Thank you BBC for a very special day. The BBCSO were tremendous! I was so fortunate to be apart of such a fantastic experience. Tim was right; this was worth every single penny of the license fee! My sincere thanks go to Lincoln who was the most inspirational leader of the 'others' group that I was in. He gave encouragement, support and the time that we needed to make the finale so enjoyable. I never realised how much I'd enjoy the day having had some apprehensions before coming. Thank you Beeb, see you next year!!!

claire , viola section
Brilliant ! Every1 should try it !!! Thank You BBC Symphony Orchestra !!!

Emily Cook
I really enjoyed yesterday it really got me in the mood to start singing again and you luckily persuaded my mum to join in so thanks for the experience

Carol Massey
Never shall I shake my fruits again without thinking of my fellow fruity shakers - a wonder ful experience.

Debbie Osborne
It was a great experience, meeting up with people of all ages and sharing a love of music! It was fun, interesting to see how all the musical groups combined and I would love to do it again!

Suki Sharples
I am still high on the adrenaline rush from playing with the BBCSO - such a challenge, so exciting, such an expectation that we will all succeed and play to a high standard; you all made is possible to enjoy it, improve, keep up and make a good sound. I loved every minute of it, and learned so much - and it built my confidence too! It was good to see Tim Steiner's comment about playing with commitment being realised! Such a laugh...

Peter Kitcherside
Only the BBC! What a wonderful series of events! I attended the morning session at Maida Vale today as one ot the "Others". The concept is brilliant, the execution today was even better. Everyone, from the corridor maze guides, through our section leaders/teachers to the full orchestra conductor(s) handled us, ever so lightly, with aplomb and immense expertise and talent. I could not believe the final result. A day for the memory bank. Thank you!
What a brilliant day - such good fun and so well organised. A dream come true to play in an orchestra! Many, many thanks Justine

Max Farley
I found it a brilliant day and I really enjoyed the experience. Thank you to everyone who made it possible.

Hilary Messeter
Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. I brought my 89 year old mother in a wheelchair to this event today. She hadn't sung for nearly three years since she had a stroke. What a wonderful day it made for her. Everyone from Conductor to backstage support was superb. Thank you to all involved - it made the two of us really feel the buzz of music again! I am crossing my fingers that a recording was made. Would love to relive the experience through audio again.

Shelley Rosenberg
It was the most fantastic afternoon - despite the fact that I am no musician, I actually played with the BBC orchestra!! Listening to the orchestra playing has made me want to go to their concerts - such a powerful and moving experience.

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