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BBC Singers - Pitch Perfect Production

BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and BBC Singers
Sat 19 May
Fruitmarket, Glasgow City Halls

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Norman Mills
Play it Again Glasgow City Halls a.m. 19/5/2007Where to start? Well, firstly, thanks to the BBC Live Events staff and the BBCSSO back room team for the organisation on the day, from the guest's perspective the morning went really well. Next a really BIG, BIG THANK YOU, to Cellists Sian and Tom for making the morning such fun for Emma and Sophie, to Eric for guiding Adam through the tricky section 4 on the Trumpet (and very bravely letting him try his 'C' trumpet), to Yann for helping me with Clarinet and to Ian on Percussion for making the morning so enjoyable for Janice, the musical novice of the family (she is still talking plums, watermelons etc, etc), I hope the professionals had as much fun as we did. Although the children are old hands at playing with school orchestras, it was the first time in over 30 years that I had played with an orchestra and this is probably the only time all five of us will have the opportunity to play in the same band at the same time, and for that band to be the SSO, truly awesome! Tim's arrangement of the music had something for everyone, even I found something to play! So, having whetted our appetite, can I implore the BBC to please, please, please make this an annual event and give us adult amateurs something to look forward to.

That was a fantastic day, getting to play alongside the BBC sso, might be a once in a lifetime oppurtunity. Huge thanks to the BBC

Emma Balfour (8)
I thought it was great fun and very enjoyable.

Alison Downey
This was the best Saturday afternoon I have spent for a long time. I never thought I'd be playing violin with the BBC SSO, and yet there I was! The whole thing was very well organised and thoroughly enjoyable, and Tim and all the musicians deserve huge thanks.Roll on the next one!

Angela Tait, Harrison 13, Cameron 9, Bethany 9 Lew
What can we say ? Has to be rated best family activity this year. Harrison had a fab time, being tutored by David Cadwell ( a huge thank U ) then playing his violin in the orchestra The Triplets found a new way of enjoying their three fruits a day ! Mum came as a member of the audience and ended up quite a performing musician armed with a pineapple in hand ! Many many thanks ... this is how music should be !!!

Jack and Scott
fantastic , brilliant ,superbwe'll be back !!

Michelle Ferguson
I thoroughly enjoyed the event but I would have liked to have played something alot more challengeing. I feel the event was most suited to beginners or those who had never played in an orchestra before.

Jacqueline FitzGibbon
Thanks for a terrific afternoon. My mentor John was very positive and the whole bass section encouraged me to keep playing! My CD of Dvorak's Carnival is being played over and over...

Armorel Allen
The event was the greatest fun! Everyone was friendly and helpful, and Tim's direction clear and inspiring. I am still buzzing from it - the music is constantly in my head and I have practiced even more than usual since! I can't wait for the next one - unfortunately can't go to the Orkneys. Thanks so much to all, especially my cello buddy Tom.Armorel

This was a remarkable event, taking 100 mixed ability musician off the street and in under three hours getting them to perform a very presentable choral symphony - absolutely brilliant. I will never complain about the licence fee again!

Shirley Mathers
The whole family loved this event!! From my son at 10yrs to his granpa at 70yrs, they catered for all. The teachers were fantastic, the orchestra was inspiring. Please do this again, and well done to all.

Leona McNab
Wow It was really good, the people there were very encouraging and helpfull!I'll look forward to future events like this!

Iain Anderson
The event was terrific. We attended as a family, me on flute my son (11) on trumpet and wife singing. We all thoroughly enjoyed the event which was entertaining and educational. Congatulations to the BBC for organising this and giving us a chance to play with the orchestra.

Laura Gonzalez
I loved it! I had a really good time singing; the community spirit amongst everyone was great and I even discovered I can sing a note in tune.The people leading the event were inspiring, and very encouraging. After the performance, I could see everyone had a fantastic time and were full of energy, just as I was. I would definitely go again. And again.

This was an amazing experience! A chance to play with a live orchestra! Everyone was very nice and helpfull! They had music for all abilities and if you were not comfortable with the music a member of the BBC Symphony Orchestra would write you a simpiler piece. I would definatley do it again!

This was an amazing experience! A chance to play with a live orchestra! Everyone was very nice and helpfull! They had music for all abilities and if you were not comfortable with the music a member of the BBC Symphony Orchestra would write you a simpiler piece. I would definatley do it again!

Neil Scott
I thought the event was terrific. Well organized, engaging, and very good fun. I look forward to similar events.

Ruth Campbell
Attended the afternoon workshop at the Fruitmarket. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Tried my hand at singing with the choir under the fun and expert guidance of Rebecca and Co of the BBC singers. What a great time we had. What an experience. Thanks to Tim for the overall thing. Would love to conduct some time! What power! Looking forward to possibly joining a choir some time, but would definitely take part in another music making event like this. It was great.

Judith Jamieson
My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed our day and hope it will be repeated soon - we travelled from Dundee and it was well worth the trip. I would love another chance to bring a different instrument the next time - thanks again!

Jennifer Wilson
My sons and I thoroughly enjoyed playing violin and guitars in the morning session. It gave them a real sense of what its like to play in an orchestra. Thank you to the SSO players who were so helpful and Jason who ran our group - it was a great laugh. Definitely something to do again. And thank you to the SSO tutor who helped my son on viollin ! I never got a chance to thank you on the day as I was enjoying the guitar so much !!

Clare and Craig Morrow
We attended in the afternoon. I was with the singers and my husband who plays the piano opted for percussion. We both had a brilliant day and love telling our friends that we played with the Scottish Symphony Orchestra. Thanks for making it so enjoyable and so easy to take part.

Louise Muir
I attended the morning session in Glasgow and was in the flute section. THis was a fantastic experience and has got me right back into music and playing the flute. I also used the information provided at the end in the play it again bag to join up with a local concert band, so I can continue with my instrument. Thanks to all at the BBC for a fantastic day.

Fiona Conn
I had a fantastic time on Saturday. By the time I left, I had managed to sing myself hoarse. *Laughs* Great fun. Just a pity that the performance wasn't recorded -- I had kind of wanted to hear how we would all sound together. However, it was great fun. And I'll never think of Dvorak the same way. XD

Elenor Anderson
I attended the afternoon session and had a great time. All the people from the BBC were very friendly and helpful. I would reccommend this to everyone. I would also attend any other event run by the BBC. Thanks again.

Margaret Brown
I attended the event in Aberdeen with my younger daugheter and loved it so much that I immediately registered and bought train tickets for the whole family plus my elder daughter's boyfriend to attend again in Glasgow! It was superb. Having hardly played my clarinet since I left school 30 years ago I have taken it up again and my teenage daughter who quit clarinet two years ago now regrets it and wants to play again! Her boyfriend said it was one of the best days of his life playing percussion alongside my novice husband and other daughter. Thanks so much to the organisers, the wonderful musicians and especially to Tim Steiner - all whom maintained their patience, encouragement and enthusiasm through until 6pm. You inspired a lot of people and gave us a really fantastic experience. We want more!!!! Thank you so much

Excellent event, my daughter and I couldn't have wished for a better morning. We've become devoted fans of BBC music, thank you everyone who made the event possible and such a resounding success.

Anne Richards
I enjoyed the day so much that I hope you have another one son. I would have loved to have played the piano but I understand that this was not possible and I so enjoyed the precussion. The final performance at the end was excellent and I loved every minute of it.

helen bayly
Brilliant, fantastic..never seen so many happy people as at the end of the morning and I got to be one of them. worth my long distance travel. Many thanks to the fabulous BBC singers for their work with us: to the BBC SSO and to Tim Steiner's imagination and direction. Lots more please, please, please!!

Gerry Gregory
Thanks BBC for a fantastic day, and met some great people. I enjoyed myself so much in the morning session, I came back for more in the afternoon. It was the first time I had hear an orchestra, which was great, playing along with them was unbelievable. The SSO players and Jason were excellent, showing us our parts and having a laugh, and thanks to Tim Steiner who imposed a great blend of humour and creativity, which made everyone relax. The event is a great way to introduce people to orchestra music, in fact im goin to see the SSO on thursday, and spreading the word. Many people i have spoken to say the would take part if it came again and I would be one of them. Thanks again.

Thoroughly enjoyed the morning. All very well organised - liked the fact there were different options of what to play geared to all levels so everyone could join in regardless of ability. Thanks very much to the lady from the SSO in the 2nd violins - think her name was Laura? - who was so enthusiastic and welcoming. It was great to have the opportunity to play with the orchestra and I hope that the organisers will arrange another similar event soon as my friend and I would definitely sign up!

Adam Mills
I truly and thouroghly thought it was a fantastic experience because I learned new skills for my trumpet off of Eric Dunlea and Mark O'Keefe and got to play a great new piece of music. I had a great time and it was an enjoyable experience. If you did it again I would definetly come and it was worth getting up early on a Saturday morning for:-)

Janice Mills
Many thanks for a great experience playing with the BBCSSO in the old Fruitmarket.My husband and 3 children were there with their respective instruments but as a complete novice I was in the percussion group.Special thanks to Iain Martin Heather and Dave for a thoroughly informative and fun filled morning.The time flew in and having observed an orchestra at work I understand how good it feels to be part of something so constuctive and uplifting. More please.

Amy Milne
I would like to thank all at the BBC for such a great morning in Glasgow,all the staff took the time to make everybody feel at ease and spent a lot of time helping those that required it.Also a special thank you to Mr Parker for getting my session time fixed after a mix up.10/10 for a first class day.Looking forward to the next event,soon please.

ann fairfull
That was the best day ever! It was such a thrill to be allowed to sit among the players of the SSO and to be made to feel part of it. They were so welcoming and generous with their help and encouragement (thankyou Ewan for writing the notes for me). Tim Steiner worked wonders and made it such fun. Thank you to all of you . At the risk of seeming greedy may i ask COULD WE DO IT AGAIN? ...PLEASE?....SOON?

di donaldson
a marvellous day, a big thanks to you all for making a dream come true. I shall never forget my day when I played alongside the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra.

i really did enjoy myself at this morningssession.the bbc singers were excellent tutors and put everyone at their ease.the orchestra was excellent and am so glad i attended this morning...thank u bbc..........same next year???????

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