Introducing ... Crucibles


Name: Crucibles.
Based in: Hull, UK.
Members: Greg Ullyart (guitar/vocals), Chris Hardy (bass), Chris Marsay (guitar), Nat Lawson (drums), Bill Kirby (keys).
Introduced by: BBC Introducing in Humberside.
Sounds like: Pacy, intricate duelling guitar lines, with touches of post-hardcore.
Performances for BBC Introducing: Maida Vale Weekender session, February 2010.

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    • 1. At 6:09pm on 25 Feb 2010, Susie Stow wrote:

      What a great fusion of sound! Mellow yet funky jazz...Would love to buy a CD...where can I get one??

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    • 2. At 6:19pm on 25 Feb 2010, Loulovelylou wrote:

      Wowzer! These guys are the best thing out there at the moment. Lealea is an amazing vocalist and all members of the band are seriously talented musicians - I mean, listen to that guitar solo! There is nobody better out there as far as I am concerned. This is them LIVE - Imagine what they are like on stage! I've seen them; if you ever get the chance to it is well worth it. This is one band where you should believe the hype. Best thing since skills on toast. If they don't make it big, well, I don't know what the world is coming to!!!!

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    • 3. At 4:10pm on 13 Nov 2011, boost wrote:

      The ability to take you by surprise, regarding their guitar work, is arguably the reason Crucibles didn't last and aren't as popular as they should be. But the obvious passion for tricky guitar riffs and melodic hooks are refreshing in a world seemingly longing for 'edgy' music. They wear their hearts on their instruments and it's a real shame they are no longer with us.

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